Monday, June 19, 2006

70,000 jars a month?!?!?!

I have always believed in the whole package. Meaning, it isn't enough just to scrub, for example. Sure, a quick fix is tossing together a couple of spoons of table salt with oil, but is that really an 'experience'? How is it benefitting overall? What is the sensory pleasure that we long for when in the shower or bath, and how can that continue once we have patted ourselves dry and start going about the day?

Being a California girl, I wasn't privvy to the serious bouts of dry skin and cracked heels that friends who had moved to other areas were experiencing. But I could feel their pain, as they would call and lament their woes. Nearly. Daily. Well, as much as to alleviate their growing angst (and mine), I started working on a heavy duty product that would gently exfoliate (remove the dead skin cells we all collect) while sealing in moisture which keeps skin soft and supple. Texture is always a big issue with me. What would be the ultimate experience?

My inspiration came from grandmother, who passed when I was 7. She was a baker with an impact in her area and had a recurring celebrity customer request her delicacies for his birthday. I remember the few short years I had with her, and she was always whipping up delicious items; my sister and I were always wanting to lick the beaters. Well, where this leads to is cake frosting. What is yummier? It has a lovely consistency, it goes on smooth, it smells great.

So, long ago and far away, I did just that. I developed an emulsified scrub - before they were seen on the market - that goes on similar to frosting. Packed full of unrefined/organic shea butter & oil, (which is also used in fine chocolates) and organic, nourishing coconut milk, it leaves your skin silky, and rinses off cleanly without an oily residue. Friends could not get enough of it. Other formulators actually, repeatedly, asked for my formula. There are no fillers. It also contains a natural, food grade preservative. You could practically eat it. I like to think of Solessence aspiring to be the Breyers of beauty!

In 2004, the Vice-President of a very famous, instantly recognizable English bath/body brand had tried the scrub. He loved it. He asked if I would be willing to make 70,000 jars a month for them for private label. Heavens! That would be fabulous. But no. This item is exclusively Solessence.

So, summer is here. If you are in need of getting your skin in a beautiful glow for bikini season, we've got the ticket. We have four of our best selling fragrances in our new, beautiful packaging (inner & outer), with more to come. Solessence's SheaShea Intense Scrub is the most delicious treat you will ever experience in your shower. And you don't need to lick any beaters!

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