Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween (What's the Password)

@Jennaddenda teaches the Incredible Hulk the etiquette of candy hoarding.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Feelin' the Love Fridays

"I strayed and tried another scrub, but seriously, yours is the best I have ever used!"
~ Milwaukee, WI

"Subjected to alternate lotion in the interim. Now freaked out since learning contents contained MANY toxic chemicals. Look forward to your beautiful (safe!) lotion again. Happy day! :)"
~ New York, New York

You have some very lovely products!
~ Missouri

Dancing for the Stars...and Stripes

One way to avoid hanging chads...

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Selling Snake Oil in the Year of the Rat

2008 is the year for the animal kingdom and beauty. Working dogs are so passe. This time around we see the rise of the fish pedicure, and now the snake massage.

Located in Israel, Barak's Snake Spa features a variety of the cold-blooded creatures, including Corn and King snake. Using their winding ways across belly, face and limbs, the snakes "knead" out tension - which may or may not have been created by the treatment itself.

It actually looks intriguing, especially when you see the little guys in action.

If you don't like doing it reptile style, Barak also offers the pitter-patter of rat & mice on the soles of feet. Wondering if one treatment feeds off of the other, if you get my drift...

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Basses Corn Maize: Live Aerial Preview Not Included

Every year for Halloween, Basse's throws some major festivities including pony & hay rides, farmer goodies, kids games and what is considered the best corn maize in Wisconsin. This year it is Thomas the Train (er, Tommy). All of this fun doesn't come cheap though - everything is ala carte, and each experience runs about $6 per person. My question is, how do we know the maize is really a train layout and not the result of some tractor sent on autopilot gone wild? Go forth and get lost.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Time for an intervention?

Way OT here, but on a walk today along the river/creek, we passed by the overflow, sewage, whatever this offshoot thing is.

Now, this probably happens every year, but it was the first year I noticed. My son and I peered over the edge to spy frogs we had seen in the past. The water level is very, very low, but was teeming with life. The waters rippled and splashed anytime we got close. Upon closer inspection, we could see groups of mouths breathing at the surface of the brackish water. Not a frog to be found, but lots of fish. All different kinds.

Live Calico types with whiskers (catfish?)

Less fortunates (two total)
These were actually a good 6" long or so. Hard to tell if the same as the dark grey ones in water

And then a group that is really hard to discern due to the dark waters. If you've got a bead on the types of fish these might be, would love to hear your guesses.

The river is a bit fast moving at the moment. Even the lone female mallard was having a hard time with the current. Would it do any good to scoop these guys up? Pray for rain? Leave them to fate? What say you to this?

Chances are...

We've been excited to have a few customers from the Wieden + Kennedy firm, which creates amazing ads. This one is no exception. I think everyone likes to reflect on life paths, how/when they intersect with others. Just a cool piece.

Thanks to badbanana for the original post.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Blog Action Day - Poverty - Thembalethu

The Hummingbird Project was started to help support groups in moving beyond surviving, to thriving. The main focus has been to raise monies for Thembalethu Welfare Society, a registered non-profit in Harding-Natal, South Africa. When we first came to the location, during apartheid, children were living in the forests, eating feces. The basics of having a roof over their head have lead to children growing up nourished, protected, and guided to becoming productive members of society.

Thembalethu is currently in need of hiring a person to head up the organization for minimum 3 years. There is the capability of a running brick making factory on site for revenue, along with the farm vegetables. I would love to hear from people with experience in hydroponics, as there is a river running through the property. Read more here about an inspiring Zulu couple.

Money, shoes, and school uniforms are needed. Of course, if you are interested in relocating to this beautiful, remote spot, and have the skills to run an orphanage/school/farm...this could be the position for you.

Photobucket This 'hill' contains 40,000 bricks made from the local soil. It happens to be prime brickmaking mud. The bricks are fashioned in this circular, beehive style, and a fire is lit in the center. Mud is caked to the outside to retain heat. After two weeks, the fire has cured the mud, and the pyre is dissssembled. The bricks closest to the center come out blue/black and are very, very hard. These are used for exteriors. A working factory is laid out but not fully functional. This could be a source of revenue for the home.

Photobucket Back in the day - separate bathrooms, phone booths, sidewalks...

Photobucket A Xhosa child 'waxes' the floor with cow dung.

Photobucket Keep South Africa Tidy!

Photobucket The producers of said wax buildup.

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