Friday, February 29, 2008

Feelin' The Love Friday (customer raves)

I absolutely love the skin care cream/scrub set that I received...It is wonderful! My skin has never felt or smelled so good! I usually buy Clinique Happy Perfume and Gloom Away products by Origins and I thought this scent was similar yet much better!

~KK, Wisconsin

Friday, February 22, 2008

Blush Report

Today I am using the Wine and Roses butter.

A few reasons I like your shea butter:

1. The consistency of the butter is great. It is smooth and easy to spread (after using at night, I run my hands through the ends of my hair for extra conditioning). Some others are a little hard or grainy. Another feels like ordinary body cream/lotion. Whether it helps or not with stretch marks in the end, you want to feel like the "belly butter" is a special product.

2. It feels good right away on my skin...others I tried are cold. Nice for the summer, but a bit too chilly for me right now.

3. Soft skin, but not too much residue. One brand left a greasy residue and was all over my shirt.

4. The container. I don't like the container of x'xxx shea butter. I have swollen fingers and often times useless thumbs (pregnancy-induced carpal tunnel syndrome) so a simple lid is important. x'xxx has a metal knob that is annoying. Also, another brand is in a toothpaste-like tube, and after a couple of uses, the product squeezes out of the wrong end.

5. Natural ingredients. Anything natural and/or organic is much appreciated.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

A photo response to Pampered Mama

We know what you mean - our product testers get carried away too!

Friday, February 15, 2008

Blush Report

"Just wanted to thank you very much for taking care of this so quickly! It arrived so fast - it came the next day!!" ~ Valentine's Day Gift shipped to Canada

"My skin has been suffering without your scrub!!" - S, Wisconsin

From NY: We have some amazing fans - this one sent a photo on her way to checkout! We luvs!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day?

Sarah caught this at the local market.
What is a pristinely clean teddy bear doing strapped to the front of a Hummer? Hm, this is either:
1) Someone's way of diffusing the angry crowds for not driving a hybrid Prius
2) Valentine's Day gift
3) Effigy of Ex-partner that will be mutilated against a myriad of concrete dividers, bumpers and trees by the Day of Love's end.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Girls Night Out 2.0 - Mequon, WI Feb 21,22

Time again for Girls Night Out at Shoot the Moon Photography in Mequon. The event last year was hot hot hot and we hope to see you there. Stop by, say hello to Michelle, and get pampered!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

MAC: Fafinugen

Fahrvergnugen = the pleasure of driving German

Fafinugen = the pleasure of French face painting

So I cruised by MAC tonight, braving yet another blizzard and 7* weather, to pick up another piece or two from the N collection when I realize I can't find it anywhere on the counter. I asked someone who was working the counter where it was and was told they had to make room for the new collection, so it was...and they all hunted around until they turned up a poor, little beaker with some sad used samples left. I really only wanted the lipstick, and all they had was N2.

Me: "Ok then, let's look at the new collection" I said, eyeing the whimsical display they were hard at work assembling. The French graffitti artist Fafi's art graces the boxes, and a set of 3 makes a complete picture.

Her: "Oh, it doesn't really launch until tomorrow...we don't usually put the display out until the actual day, but we needed to get a headstart because this one takes a little more work. Come back tomorrow!"

Me, contemplating yet another drive in crappy blizzard: "Ok, what if you show me the colors to see if I should come back."

Her: "Just a minute" (runs and checks with supervisor) "Oh, sorry, we can't even show the colors..."

Me:"Ok...(suspiciously eyeing very cute pink color on her lips)..."Are you cheating and wearing the new color?" (clearly she was)

Her: "Oh! Yes, I am cheating, and, but, oh..."

And I got the full rundown of what was available.

I am highly recommending those Lipglasses!

However, sans camera, you'll have to wait until tomorrow to get your own glimpse, or check out MAC's website.

Monday, February 11, 2008

You MUST read this!

Billy B had an extraordinary night at the Grammys last night. Read on for inspiration that dreams do come true...

Friday, February 08, 2008

Blush Report

"Just had to let you know how much I love your products. My friend gave me your body butter and sugar scrub. I can't get enough. I am 6 months pregnant and your shea butter is the best belly butter I have ever tried...and I have tried at least 5 other brands. Combined with the sugar scrub, my skin is itch-free and so soft. You must market your shea butter products to pregnant women!! " - Megan, Los Angeles

Thanks Megan, and congratulations! We have been getting a lot of requests for larger sized butters, and...we were in Stork Magazine last year. Keep your eyes peeled!)

"Honestly, after I tried the samples I didn't need to be sold by the sales rep. I was just "Give me an order form!". It works the same way with the customers. As soon as they try your product, they buy. Your product is so wonderful, it is the real deal." Julie, Glo Salon/Spa

This is How You Do It: Girl Power by Nely Galan

That her team on The Celebrity Apprentice is failing to gain ground on the guys does not make Galan a sore loser. As the rules go, the CA winners would have money go to a group of choice. With a defeat seeming imminent, The producer of The Swan decided to take fate into her own hands and earn a few benjamins for her group of choice by using a backup to her teammates: mass girl power.

Galan had announced she would personally donate $25,000 to her chosen group, Count Me In/Make Mine A Million. This organization empowers entrepreneurs via money and mentors, building a community of winners. To add to her 25k, Galan and Make Mine A Million asked members to pledge $10 each to reach a goal of 250,000.

On the Today Show, it was announced that a total of ***Two-Hundred Thousand Dollars*** was raised! I hope she in no way considers this a shortfall. It is rare to see celebrity pull through for the groups or charities they claim to back, and Galan's honest and clever efforts showed Trump and the world that women CAN pull the right strategy out of the hat when needed. You're a beautiful example Ms. Galan!

Thursday, February 07, 2008

CosmoGirl!, Solessence and Valentine's Day...

Get ready for the holiday of love!

CosmoGirl! will be gifting 20 lucky readers the Solessence SheaShea gift bag set for their Valentine's Day Sweepstakes. Our signature gold bag is chock full of skin softening products, exceptionally yummy during winter. Valued at $45 each!

Check Valentine's Week for updates on how you can win your own set.

Good luck!

Monday, February 04, 2008

I'd love to make my brown eyes blue...

I have been a bit bummed at the slow reporting on Fashion Week this season. I can't figure out what aligning of planets or supernatural experience is causing such a weak show this year (hey guys, no pressure!). However, bits and pieces have been coming in, and one in particular brought back some great memories. Annie at Blogdorf Goodman did a little writeup on Threeasfour. The clothes, photos from, are total knockouts. However, it was the blue mascara that got me swooning.

Blue mascara is my absolute favorite, and most fickle, and hard to find, item. It has been so many ages since I found a good, waterproof blue. I don't mean navy (which in it's own right is a tad scarce), but a beautiful, nearly electric blue. And it really does have to be in season so as not to frighten the unsuspecting. I feel renewed and refreshed to start my hunt again.

That, and my next dream would be for Max Factor to revive the blue-with-silver-flecks, thick eyeliner pencil that once ruled in the late 80's or early 90's. Anyone remember what I am talking about? Spacey, but gorgeous. A girl can dream.

People En Espanol's 51 Most Beautiful?

Ah, it seems only yesterday when Solessence went to People Magazine's "Los 50 Mas Bellos" party in NYC. The 50 Most Beautiful issue is their hottest selling and biggest issue of the year, and now they've found a way to bring their following into the magazine folds: elect a non-celeb for the 51st slot.

Although entries closed on February 3rd, over 5000 submitted their picture online, with plenty of reader feedback. From this, ten finalists will appear on Telemundo, with the winner chosen on February 28. From there, it will be a March reveal and a trip to NY for a makeover/photoshoot, participation at People Magazine's 50 Mas Bello event, and a spot on a famed Telemundo soap opera.

What do you think of People's idea to include a "civilian"?

Good luck to the finalists!

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Wedded Bliss Awaits

Congratulations to Leah Sarjoo and her lovely Nuku

The last time I saw Leah, she looked like this (3 years old):

I know there are better photos, and one in particular I remember, but at present I cannot locate them. C'est la vie. I will keep looking. Leah is the daughter of the Sarjous, the couple that founded Thembalethu Welfare Society in South Africa, the recipients for the Hummingbird Foundation. Hopefully we will be able to feature her more in the future regarding the fundraising activities of

It was a miserable, miserable drive down to Chicago and back, but it was all worth it - especially to find out she had just gotten engaged that morning. Leah is now engaged in her studies as well.

I just have one request for their first dance:

Sorry for the delay, but we needed to make sure parents were alerted before blogged. Sweet wishes to the lovely couple!
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