Sunday, April 27, 2008

Surfer Girl Has Spoken. Again.

Surfer girl Shira has responded to our response of a post with "I've been using the body butter every day (LOVE IT)" as well as giving us the link to the surf camp her friend Annie owns in Costa Rica. We noticed a fun MySpace page as well.

Though spring is here, it isn't consistently balmy, to say the least. We could all use a gaze at Split Peaks Surf Adventures. Surfer girl said photos don't even do it justice, but we can feel the ocean breeze just by looking...ahhhh. Wouldn't this be a great place for a company meeting? Forget bonding over 'trust excercises' - go boarding instead!

Friday, April 25, 2008

Feelin' the Love Friday (customer raves)

"I'm typing this email to you, freshly doused in Really Lovely SheaShea (and I can barely wait for my shower with the Yuzu Gold Scrub)! gotta get the word out about this of my friends has a surf camp of sorts in Costa Rica (see attached photo - it's me there last month)...for women and their friends for a birthday gig (among other things). Obviously I thought of Solessence." girl with the cool connections...we will humbly go where no spa products have gone before. Get us the hookup! And though Dad knew the guy who wrote the original Surfer's Dictionary, I sadly had to look up 'charging pipe'. Hey, the closest we get to courduroy is that bad 70s fashion sense and one, enormous lake. My roots are also Nor Cal (shout out Goat Rock!), which waters lend better to wetsuits, abalone, and sore necks twisting on alert for sharks and rangers. But looking at your photo, I feel a little jealous. Seriously, let's talk.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Hot off the Press - New Syd Curry story #1 of 6

What a way to enter Friday. Syd sent these images of a story he's just completed - beautiful, seemingly 40's inspired images, just now to share. The clothes! The lighting! The elements! The hair! Did we mention the hair?!

Hot off the Press - New Syd Curry story #2 of 6

Hair by Syd Curry

Hot off the Press - New Syd Curry story #3 of 6

Hair by Syd Curry

Hot off the Press - New Syd Curry story #4 of 6

Hair by Syd Curry

Hot off the Press - New Syd Curry story #5 of 6

Hair by Syd Curry

Hot off the Press - New Syd Curry story #1 of 6

Hair by Syd Curry

Eat this, Matt Damon!

Ah, pop culture and politics. Strange and funny bedfellows.

Yes, but did they get our good side?

Notes from the field:

While in the waiting room...a game show called Temptation was on. The volume was down so I couldn't hear what they were saying but all of a sudden [Solessence] products were on the screen and I got all excited and looked like a complete idiot. That's all.

Hey, we're just as excited as you are! When we were first aired back in September we thought it was a one show deal, but it has been a feature on and off since. We love hearing from Temptation fans!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Update to MAC auction link

I received Myspace messages that the link to the fundraiser ebay auction was not working, and sure enough, the link had been changed by Ebay. So, here is the new link:

There are 3 or four of these auctions coming up with really amazing sets. Keep your eye out and bid for a massive stash of goods, at the same time helping Meadow Quinn. Thanks beauties!

What Would You Do?

Thanks Mahalo

Monday, April 21, 2008

Auctions for a Cause

Ebay exploded in popularity with the incredible deals and treasure trove of finds. The bloom is back with several auctions listed by Shannon Nelson of A Girl's Gotta Spa!

Proceeds go to benefit Meadow Quinn who needs to attend a clinic to relearn how to eat. Her insurance company denied payment, even though treatment is all but assured after the four weeks. Read more on Shannon's blog.

The first of several auctions is for all of you MAC fans! Bid away and get a stash usually reserved for beauty editors and bloggers alike.

Total retail value of this auction is $502.

This auction is all brand new and unused items from the following MAC limited edition collections:

MAC Heatherette Limited Edition Collection:
Pink Heatherette case
Patent Leather Lashes
Pigment: Jardin Aires
Glitter Brilliants: Reflects Gold
Beauty Powder: Alpha Girl
Eyeshadowx3 Trio 2
Lipglass: Starlet Kiss, Bonus Beat
Satin Lipstick: Fleshpot
Amplified Creme Lipstick: Melrose Mood
Dual Edge Eye Pencil: Blackfunk/Pop Blue, Faborchild/Dashlily
Nail Lacquer: Lola Divine

MAC Fafi Limited Edition Collection:
Powder Blush: Fashion Frenzy
Irridescent Pressed Powder: Belightful
Eyeshadowx4: Fafi Eyes 1
Lipglass: Cultfave, Squeeze It
Lipstick: Utterly Frivolous
Zoomlash: Zoomblack

MAC Finery Limited Edition Collection:
3 Coral Lips

MAC Heirlooms Limited Edition Collection:
5 Basic Brushes
5 Eye Brushes
4 Face Brushes

Sunday, April 20, 2008

We're Vegan, Never Freegan

I was just joking the other day that Wisconsin may not be into composting, but it takes the whole recycling effort to heart with 'dumpster diving'. Massive yard sales and entire containers of good furniture, clothing, electronics, old cds, etc etc etc get tossed or put curbside for whoever wants to claim next. It was a concept I was unaware of before moving here.

Now, we move to a whole other level. Freegans. Dumpster Diving. For Food.

Read On

Earth Day is coming! Earth Day is coming!

Happy Spring. Finally.

Earth Day Blog pimp: We love Ecorazzi

Earth Day approaches on April 22, and though it is a long held tradition, this is the first year it seems that EVERYONE is abuzz about it. How great is it to care about your planet?

Personal ties go back to having bamboo furniture before bamboo was cool (ok, ok, doesn't count), Coastal Cleanup Days, the MASSIVE and impressive recycling programs out of CA (thanks to Jodi and Jim and Mary and MaryEvelyn for the lessens in composting - even out of the fridge - never forgotten) and of course Solessence was founded on the goodness of nature. We've been doing the work on our end with natural and certified organic, vegan formulations. Beautiful but minimal packaging. Recycleable plastics and glass. Making the most of what we have, and sharing with others. No company hybrids yet, but we're working on the wind power credits. We're not perfect, but we're making strides. It's as much about the journey, right?

Have you made steps to the greening of your world, personal or otherwise? Send us your impact via blog post or email by March 22, and we'll randomly select a winner for a SheaShea gift set. What a wonderful, wonderful world!

For those who can't wait, enter the words "green day" during checkout to receive 30% off your order over $20.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Industry Icons - Syd Curry - Men, represent!

I think I saw this in a chain mail version. Yummy.

Industry Icons - Syd Curry - Art for Art's Sake

Truly in awe of this.

Industry Icons: More Syd Curry - Covers

As promised, here are more looks direct from Syd. This is a smattering of current picks. Here are two recent covers:

Feelin' the Love Friday (customer raves)

"OK - your gift box is beautiful! I love the whole vibe of it. The feel of it, the texture, and the absolute care it conveys in the overall presentation is truly beautiful! From the serums to the mask to the brush to the luxurious feel of the entire ensemble, I look forward to treating my skin to this wonderful product! I will also proudly display them because they're just too pretty to hide!"

"I'd like to know if I can order the items seperate from the set. I already have a set, and need to purchase another for a gift, but I am running out, especially the oils. Oh, those oils just make my skin feel wonderful..."

"I need to know if I can purchase the serum set items individually? I am quickly running out!"

Answer: Thank you! And yes! The set items can be purchased seperately!

Case Closed

So if you use blogger, you know the long, drawnout goodbye Blogger was giving to an apparently much loved Eric Case has come to a close. The guy is finally out the door. Which actually saddens me for the fact that they won't be posting anymore photos of his pretty cute mug. It's always a catch 22. Farewell Eric, we hardly knew ye...

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Speaking of Mariah...

We're not one to promote a certain body type or image, but it is hard to deny the amazing transformation of Mimi. This girl is shining. Maybe it was flying in the trainer from St. Barts that gave that extra 'oomph' to her willpower? Kudos, girlfriend, for finding your extra-happy weight. Comes at a good time too...You just know breaking all of those Elvis records would have brought on a certain, late 70's, poly jumpsuit comparison. No one can go there now! Now bring on the music.

Mequon Country Club Spring Boutique - 4/21

Shop for Spring at the Mequon Country Club this Monday night. Admission includes food stations, one hour of complimentary champagne & wine, and more. Say hi to Michelle while you are there and try our fabulous scrubs, lotions, butters to get your skin baby smooth for your warm weather outfits.

Reservations limited and must be made by Thursday, April 17! 262.242.1400

Monday, April 21
5:30pm - 9:00pm
$29.50 per person - guests welcome
Mequon Country Club
12400 North Ville du Parc Drive
Mequon, WI

Monday, April 14, 2008

Is this you?

If you recognize anyone from this video or this event in general, please contact us! Thanks :)

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Billy B highlight

Billy b has been busy lately! If you've been keeping track you know, among many other things, he produced a series of looks for Bravo's "Make Me A SuperModel" (including Holly's winning look - which was on fire).

He'd also been working on a pilot for Bravo, which sadly didn't get picked up. Focused more on his efforts to help his town in Aberdeen, MS save their history, it highlights Billy's town facelift project. Following is an excerpt from Shannon Nelson's interview with Billy last year and clip from the pilot:

To be honest, I was not looking for a show, but it was this show came to me.

billy b:I am from Aberdeen Mississippi, which is a tiny town in the middle of nowhere. It is struggling like most small towns in America. At one time in the late 1800’s it was rich with cotton etc., which produced tons of gorgeous Victorian and Antebellum houses there. There are more than 250 structures on the National Register of Historic places in this town of 4000. Now there is no industry there and farmers are struggling and these houses were being lost due to neglect and no one having the money to keep them up. There is little opportunity for young people and these houses, which had once been passed down generation after generation, were being left behind, torn down or falling down. I began buying the houses to save them and a writer (Isabel Gonzales) was on a job with me and we chatted about what I was doing there. To make a long story short, she pitched it to The New York Times and my story was featured on the cover of the Home and Garden section. The television producers started calling and I signed a development deal with World Of Wonder productions, and Bravo loved the idea.

The show is about my life juggling doing makeup within New York and Hollywood for magazines, music videos and celebrities on the Red Carpet, but contrasted with my other life of saving these houses with my down home crew helping. It is just me, my 74 year old (pistol toting mom), my ex-con, good ole boy contractor Cecil and trust me the hilarity begins. Who knows if the show will even make it to television, but I am excited about how it might help my little hometown. I am excited about the possibility!

Shannon: Rebuilding your hometown is something you are passionate about, at what point did you decide that this was something you wanted to do and were you worried about how you would get it done?

billy b: I am SO passionate about it and it began a long time ago, actually. I had been living in NYC for years and would go home and see this place where I grew up dying. It made me sad. The houses are so beautiful and so incredibly inexpensive, so I just started buying them. I didn’t have a plan and still don’t LOL! I just do what I need to do as its needed and I worry about the rest later. I have saved about 20 houses and have 17 at the moment. It is a huge struggle, but a struggle I enjoy. It is another creative outlet for me other than doing makeup. Like the name of the show, “The Beauty Foundation,” there are a lot of similarities. I love the art of transformation and making something the best it can be. Whether it is a face or a house, I live for it.

Beautifully, he's saving real estate and helping people at the same time. He's Oprah on a smaller scale!

billy b

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