Wednesday, January 30, 2008

What have we here?

Soon, my dearies...

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Blogs: Ab Fab 2007

Confess: Your closet blog-reading obsession now has your "Favorites" link in your browser on overload, your work hours and coffee break times reversed, and your head crammed full of cultural trivia/fashion forward fever. Sure, the screensaver altar of your favorite beauty blog writers is a little odd, surrounded by the lit, fragrant candles they've recommended in the past - but there are vices worse than blog stalking.

Take all of that devotion to good use and put it in a vote on the "The Fabbies", a lockdown of who's who among blog writers - a People's Choice Awards, if you will. Your contribution to pinpointing the web's finest will be rewarded with a virtually streaming red carpet on January 31 for the winning blogs.

At a complete loss for who to rally to the finish? Here, an earnest and honest request from Shannon Nelson, a blogger who has experienced a fairy tale rise from SAHM of 3 (now 4) to full-time blogger and PR rep. Her simple start: the lone woman in a male dominated household turned to blogging to share her love of beauty. She now attends Fashion Week in NY and interviews some of the top beauty experts in the world - and shares it with all of us. It doesn't get any more amazing than this.

Take a moment to vote for your favorites at Fabbies. VOTING ENDS JANUARY 30!

Monday, January 28, 2008


Due to work conflict I missed SAG and didn't Tivo either, so I resorted to the delightful Beauty Addict's posts (brillz!) and then this, the apparent brangelina network that is fox news. I am as eager as the next person to see if the bold and beautiful is carrying twins (and with that tent of a dress and set of new knockers, it will be a shock if she isn't) but I was dismayed the first 37 photos seemed to be of the two. I forwarded to the 60s and still was coming up Pitts.

What happened here?

I honestly thought this was CarrotTop. Mz Messing looks a hot mess, which is so unlike her! I'm one to talk, but I'm not showing up red carpet either. Some disaster surely happened beforehand. The gown is gorgeous, just think hair didn't make it to the church on time. If that stylist wasn't in a deadly accident, I would be expecting some trouble...

Lipstick Sales: Pucker Up or Pout?

We've all heard that lipstick is one of life's affordable luxuries - and one women don't go without in less spendy times, right? Credit Leonard Lauder, former Estee Lauder Chairman, for the insight. One wonders if this logic is the reason for their recent emphasis of the famous lipline at this point in time. However, things don't seem to be as they once were: overall lipstick trends were reportedly down 19% last quarter(source: IRI data Deutsche Bank). Is this where raw data and real world marketing collide?

Hold up. Lipstick has not been a hot commodity for years. As with all beauty items, colors and product come and go. Lip glosses, tints and chapsticky types have been pushed so hard in recent times that I feared an entired generation would never know the beauty of lipstick. Here are a few of my theories behind the seeming demise:

A component may be the nearly decade long push to greener cosmetics. As people continue to scrutinize the ingredient lists of their beauty products, more are becoming selective. How many internet posts have you read on bugs and the like used in your lippy? Whether this is outdated information or not, it became a huge concern for the growing vegan population. Animal free glosses then become a welcome alternative and were marketed as such.

Pricing and quality have also come into play. Where 'green' used to be associated with 'crunchy', many manufacturers have caught up to the fact that a clean product does not have to be, ahem, crap on the lip or for the wallet. Beautiful, and beautifully affordable products, below $20 became bountiful.

The dramatic lifestyle changes that have occurred over the last decade is most likely a major contributor as well. There is a certain formality in the creamy coverage of color in a tube - a seriousness to beauty that seemed to fall by the wayside with pantyhose. Gloss is indeed the symbol of youth and frivality. As we ease into a corrective-action of the wild ride that was the 90's, will that also ease us back into a bit more seriousness for the lip?

I, for one, welcome back the lipstick. Nothing provides such perfect, beautiful coverage, as a tube of lipstick. My theory is, yes, lipstick is on the decline due to intense marketing flux. It's the same flux that is going to bring it on the upswing now. EL has been around a long while because they know what they are talking about. We're just seeing the resurgence of the lipstick after years of submission, and it's going to be beautiful.

Go out. Explore. Be bold. And buy.

(we like pictures too)

Friday, January 25, 2008

01/26 - Last Day for Action Jackson - NLOL - please vote

It's Fast. It's Free. Your vote will save lives.

New Leash On Life has a chance to be the recipient of $50,000!

Sue Chipperton, friend and supporter of NLOL, is a finalist in a photo competition
and selected New Leash to be with recipient of the winning proceeds.

We need your help and your votes.

Go to, click on View Finalists To Vote. Then find the photo
titled "Jackson" taken by Sue Chipperton and vote.

Each vote counts for an additional $1.00 on top of the $50,000.

The photo with the most votes wins. Please vote and pass this along to your as many
people as possible.

The polls close on January 26th.

Thank you in advance for your support.

Stephanie Hoefener

Director of Operations

New Leash On Life Animal Rescue


If you aren't familiar with New Leash On Life, I have heard nothing but good things about the organization for a while now. Solessence previously donated for their annual walks. Any organization out to save a life is a worthy cause, but NLOL goes the extra mile to rehabilitate animals who otherwise would have a difficult time going back into society, possibly avoiding a situation of being euthanized. A great cause, and, a great photo! Find firedog and vote for Jackson - a few seconds of your time could help out thousands.

Apply Pretty (quick)!

Looking to get in on the beauty blogging phenomonon but hate to start on the ground floor? has a wonderful opportunity for the right person....

Things are getting crazy around here...and I need someone to help me out. I am looking for a contributing writer for TheMakeupGirl. The right candidate will be able to post to the blog three to five times per week or more on topics ranging from beauty and makeup trends, product releases and beauty events.

Lianne is a former model, current makeup artist, and has a loyal blog following. Go to for more info, and good luck!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Pick Me. Choose Me. Love Me, Milwaukee.

Do you have what it takes? is searching for the next great face. Models in the Milwaukee area, email a photo from your portfolio to : for a chance to grace the pages!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Get It While It's Hot

Thank you Beauty Brands clientele!

Solessence products have been flying off of the shelves, and we are elated to hear that you are enjoying the product. More product is scheduled for your locations any day now, so if your store has sold out - hang tight. And again, thank you!

Monday, January 21, 2008

Red Shoes Diary

"They were treasures to me"

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Go Pack Go

Two weeks ago, as my husband and I sat at the Milwaukee Public Market watching the football game with their 7 suspended flat screen tvs floating over the upstairs garden area, we brought up today's match. "Would you go if you had a ticket?" I asked. We ended up both agreeing that there was no way given the temps being predicted.

Today at 11am he gets a call from his brother, asking if he wants to go to the game. He turned him down! Sure, I remember what was said, but the sun is shining, Pack is playing NY, Fleet Farm is giving away 30,000 hand warmers, and -19 below is feeling more like 20 degrees. "Yeah, but it won't at 6pm". Sigh. He is right, but sometimes I feel too practical.

I'm not a huge sport fan, but this game, especially with the frigid cold, will hopefully prove to be exciting. I have never seen a state so in love with their sport teams, and I practically grew up at Candlestick, ahem, Monster Park.

Give a shout out if you would bear the cold to see the game in person!

Update: Good thing my husband didn't go. To brave 24 below and a 5 hour round trip doesn't suck ONLY if your team wins. The Pack's loss to NY would be crushing, save for the fact it was a MAGNIFICENT game. Although I would prefer green & gold against the Patriots, I have to give props and well wishes to the Giants. But Favre was robbed :)

Friday, January 18, 2008

Scrub-a-dub love

I rarely ever buy anything like this. I just can't believe it. I turn 84 in February and this is my treat for myself! ~ Phyllis, Milwaukee

Him: Who would have thought I'd be walking out with this (scrub)?
Her: I wouldn't!
Him: It really works. My hands feel great!

My local UPS rep was swooning over my scent a few weeks ago (really!) after asking me to walk along side of him (so he could enjoy the scent) I gave him your site for his significant other. He was thrilled and I was relieved. :) he would comment every single time in crowds of people, ultimately making me a bit embarrassed. But in a nice way. Ahhh- one more happy couple thanks to solessence. ;) the world is indeed a better place because of it.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Yolonda is "Unconditional"

I love New York in February. No, really.

And I love meeting up with people from the past, like the lovely Yolonda Ross. Yolonda, who was in "Antwone Fisher", most recently had a role in the Golden Globe winning, Todd Haynes "I'm Not There" (you go Cate). We recently reconnected before the holidays when she excitedly told me about a play she is in that premieres February 7 at Public Theatre in New York City. Billed as a play that "tells Nine New York stories that converge in a racially and sexually charged tale of love, justice, rage and betrayal", Yolonda glows about it being a 'really touching piece'.

Mark Wing-Davey's "Unconditional" has already been given an extension and now runs through March 9, 2008. Catch it while you can!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

MAC daddy's little girl

The number one question these days seems to be, "What makeup does Kim Kardashian wear?".

So there you go. Girl is always looking flawless and is clearly a MAC fan. Extra points to anyone who can identify shade using their crazy color system. We love us some MAC too.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Here is a photo of the preemie hats I mentioned my friend many! So cute!


First sighting of the Ritchie/Madden offspring. Click here for more celeb deliciousness. They are just like we are...

The Knitting Factory

No, no, this isn't about a club in New York. Rather, it is the quip of a woman trying to go crafty.

I have always wanted to knit. Sure, I could turn a few charms on the crochet needles (and my mother can produce animated figures while yelling 'I can't remember how to do this! I can't remember how to do this!) but I have never been able to master the double needles. Knitting, the elusive frontier.

In 2000, I brought back umpteen skeins of lovely Merino wool in shades of black, grey and taupe from my trip to New Zealand. I also garnered an autograph from the man I was named after, Sir Edmund Hillary. But every year I open the wool bag and look at it rather forlornly. "This year," I tell myself, "this year I will make something exquisite".

It hasn't happened yet.

I had almost given up on even producing something like a patchwork blanket, consisting of multi-colored squares, when I found this:
We're talking tiny knitting looms that allow for flat edged squares, and no coordination needed for the pointy sticks. One kit comes with the loom and needle, yarn, cd and written instructions. Although my son has now disposed of the written instructions, I at least have the cd, and was perusing the website to make sure I do this right. A friend, who is a knitting fiend and makes tons of infant hats for a preemie charity every year, took a look at this and told me: "It looks harder than regular knitting." Then, in an attempt to not discourage me, she qualified it with "Providing you are any good at regular knitting." That was quickly followed by a "Good luck with that!".

My husband echoed with "He needs a scarf? Buy one!".

My son, none the wiser, believes the board is where all hats, gloves and scarves come from, and already tells people I've made everything he wears. haha, let's hope he can't distinguish storebought from mom's hands.

The cure for what ails you

Add to My Profile | More Videos

Are you besting the cold & sniffle season, or is the cold & sniffle season besting you? An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure! Here are some favorites to be proactive (or if it is too late, to nurse back to health):

Traditional Medicinals: The Season Herb Tea Sampler gives a great selection with Gypsy Cold Care, Organic Echinacea Plus, Throat Coat and Breathe Easy

Note: Echinacea should not be taken when you are in the middle of a cold as it will prolong it. It is used at the beginning to stop the illness from taking hold. Also, avoid using cow milk to blend with your tea at this time as cow milk increases mucous production

Airborne: Amazing preventative, especially when flying, great when you start to feel something coming on.

Manuka Honey: I buy a 25+ grade now available at Whole Foods, and raised my son on this with Rooibos tea. Manuka has wonderful properties for internal & external use, and a delicious, almost chewy texture. Sorry, this is not a vegan option!

Tea Tree steams: Nothing unplugs the nasal passages (and clears those pores) like a good steam. Run the humidifier!

Sleep, sleep, sleep: Your body needs zzzzzz to stay healthy. Make sure you are getting your beauty rest.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Powtered Milk - Stop the Madness!

Last week I was having a conversation with someone who has a niece who has started her period at age 10. We bantered about how the 'joys' of experiencing womanhood used to be reserved for 11 - 14 year olds (around the time you would start giggling and whispering about boys), but now is showing up in girls as young as eight. We talked about how regular milk is one suspect in advancing the years of children due to the high hormone content from feeding hormones and antibiotics to cattle.

Later that day I was having my mani/pedi done when the nail tech mentioned her 7-year-old niece was having her period. Seven years old! Now,this story emerges of a girl who started with cramps and body odor on a regular cycle starting at age 3. Although the article is a bit misleading, it appears she did not actually have menses until age 8. Still, this is madness.

The article only suggests stress, stepdad pheramones and 'calorie rich' diet to blame, but again, hormones in conventional milk have been suggested for years to be altering growth in humans. Organic can get expensive, no doubt, but erring on the side of caution is worthwhile for your health. A great organic cow milk is Horizon. Another option is soymilk. For diabetics, soy milk is processed differently and is considered a different carbohydrate, so is better for your diet. In Taiwan, soy is made into wonderful warm and cold morning drinks for breakfast. Here in the states, my favorite is Silk Soy. This is a company that does not use genetically modified soybeans, which is really important. The outcome of genetically modified foods, even if listed as organic, have still not been deteremined in humans but has been detrimental to growth and life for unexpected groups such as the monarch butterfly. Genetically modified foods were initially developed to be heartier, easier growing strains, but as scientists continue to play with our food, they are finding that mixing and mingling plant dna could cause severe and deadly reactions in humans. It already has in lab animals.

Organic milks - they do a body good!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Another fierce family now official - Christina & Jordan

Christina Aguilera's Gift - Max Liron Bratman...and a video!

"Dear fans,

Today is a very joyful and special day for Jordan and I as we welcome our first son into this world.

In honor of our love for each other and our growing family, I have put together a special video for the song "Save Me From Myself" off my Back to Basics album. This video is very dear to me as it includes actual footage from our personal wedding video!

Just a little something to say "thank you" for your undying love and support. It is in no small part because of you that I live such a blessed and wonderful life!

Please download and enjoy…

With all my love,


Open Your Mouth And Say "Ack!"

I'm ever on the quest for a good toothpaste. There is nothing greater in life than a clean feeling mouth and tongue (yes, tongue - since wee high to a grasshopper I've just scraped using my brush bristles, but you can buy one of these yuppie tools) Clay is a wonderful cleanser, so a lot of times I just whip a few things up when the regular toothpaste doesn't seem to be cutting it. I just wish there was a really great natural toothpaste.

The other day though, I was running low and saw what was described on the package as Cherry Gel NATURAL TOOTHPASTE (their caps, not mine) with fluoride. It was from a company I had seen at natural markets (this was a standard grocery store, but in the organic section). I would have checked the box but I was in a rush and the name seemed to imply I was standing at the gate of just grown freshness.

I could not wait to get home and use it. I did, and it was good. Nice texture, it seemed to wick away the bad taste, and the cherry was pleasant. When I woke the next morning, I was surprised at how clean my mouth still felt. This doesn't happen with too many types of toothpaste. I was in love! All of my feelings were crushed to oblivion when I read the label to find methylparaben as the main preservative, and the somewhat more benign sodim lauryl sulfate (almost in all toothpastes, used for foaming, it can cause mouth ulcers) as the fifth ingredient in.

There is a very aggressive movement in health food stores to remove all parabens from shelves, as they were somewhat linked to breast cancer. So why is it showing up in a natural company toothpaste? Alternatives replacing parabens get a little dicey when using formaldehyde/formaldehyde donors, which are positively known carcinogens. And recently it was confirmed that sodium benzoate (which has always been rumored as dangerous but is the preservative in soft drinks, foods and many cosmetics raw materials) could damage mitochondria in DNA. Your very life links.

I don't know about you, but these three items are the last things I want to see in anything I eat or put on my body, let alone brush my teeth with. None of the above ingredients are in Solessence products. If I don't want to apply it to my skin, why do I want it swishing against sensitive gum tissue and possibly sliding down my throat?

Check out your toothpaste and let me know what you find. This is not meant to bash, just a bit of shock and awe, self-awareness exercise. We may all be in for a bit of a show. What do you use? Help me find a great alternative!

Friday, January 11, 2008

Experience the Power of Pampering

Easy to travel with, the vitamin C helps with dry spots, I hope you offer larger volumes soon. "I absolutely love it!" - Ellen, Madison

"The light formula is inviting and refreshing with each use. I also appreciate the vitamin C, which has helped to drastically reduce breakouts in my 'trouble spot' on my chin. My husband even tried it after he saw the difference in my skin! Thank you for creating such a unique product that I can say that I have not experienced with any other." - LC, Atlanta

Antioxidant Serum Defense Set featuring billy b brush. Mixing bowl, Blue Cleansing Oils, Vitamin C Resurfacing Agent, Gold Serum (not pictured)

Benefiting you (great skincare!) and the (20% of profits)

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Got Kids? Whole Foods Market can help

My son is just shy over 3 now, and from the time he could talk he has said he wanted to be two things:

1)a model/guitar (Guitarist, like Murray from the Wiggles, and I guess that is two or he imagines the occupations combined)


2)a chef

Now, I have some hilarious footage of his declarations for #1, but mom needs to learn to make this innocent shot a little more G rated (flyin' free that day, know what I mean?). And he did recently find that he ended up being a model, for a very good cause, which we'll highlight for a later time. So how to help fulfill my one and only with the chef dreams? Aside from helping in our kitchen, the answer came to me when I spotted the Whole Kids Club Cooking Class - for ages 3 and up.

Everyone reels in a bit of shock when I tell them about this opportunity. "Cooking classes...for 3 year olds?". The class was a mix of ages, but what I found surprising was how hands on and pro this class truly was. Held in the Lifestyle Center, a gleaming professional kitchen awaits little ones. Room for 10 is at the pub style working/eating table. Step stools are provided for children to add ingredients to their dish on the stove, adult assisted, of course. The night's lesson was 'Stone Soup', and combined a bit of storytelling and then soup making. The children cut up their own chicken, and I was impressed with the Sur La Tab cookware. This isn't an Easy Bake oven swap. Kids get to use the same tools the adults get. At the end of the class, children enjoy the creation (with a few going back for seconds).

One note: I was expecting children to be supervised by parents, but surprised to find they were by themselves with the teacher. One full wall of the center is all glass, so you can sneak a peak if you want to watch. However, be prepared to do your shopping or noshing for most of the hour at WFM's tasty hot bars, wine bar or gelato counter. WFM also offers free WiFi, so you can bring the laptop with you for some work or surfing.

Class prices vary. Join the Kids Club for $15, and you get discounted classes, a chef hat and apron for the little one, a coupon for a free 4 oz gelato, and free treats the kids can pick up in different departments every Wednesday.

At the end of the soup class, I had a very happy guy who promptly showed dad when he got home how to 'stir the pot' in a positive way. Upcoming events include veggies, kabobs, and a Dads & Lads Gross Out Day. They fill up fast. Check out the schedule - you may be tempted with the many varieties of adult education too.

Whole Foods Market
2305 N. Prospect Avenue
Milwaukee, WI 53211

fierce, fabulous family

How does she do it?

This is what everyone wanted Britney to turn out like!

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Light, Camera, Action - Jackson can give a New Leash On Life...with your help!

Today is the day for causes! Just as I was plinking out a post on our serum defense and the Thembalethu Childrens Home/ a portion of the donations go to, I received a very urgent message:

New Leash On Life has a chance to be the recipient of $50,000!

Sue Chipperton, friend and supporter of NLOL, is a finalist in a photo competition
and selected New Leash to be with recipient of the winning proceeds.

We need your help and your votes.

Go to, click on View Finalists To Vote. Then find the photo
titled "Jackson" taken by Sue Chipperton and vote.

Each vote counts for an additional $1.00 on top of the $50,000.

The photo with the most votes wins. Please vote and pass this along to your as many
people as possible.

The polls close on January 26th.

Thank you in advance for your support.

Stephanie Hoefener

Director of Operations

New Leash On Life Animal Rescue


If you aren't familiar with New Leash On Life, I have heard nothing but good things about the organization for a while now. Solessence previously donated for their annual walks. Any organization out to save a life is a worthy cause, but NLOL goes the extra mile to rehabilitate animals who otherwise would have a difficult time going back into society, possibly avoiding a situation of being euthanized. A great cause, and, a great photo! Find firedog and vote for Jackson - a few seconds of your time could help out thousands.

Monday, January 07, 2008

Homemade is Best

Shannon Nelson from A Girl's Gotta Spa! manages the world's best band - the Homemade Band. This is from their early days. They also have a holiday and special moments release. Check out her link on You Tube for the finest in boy bands.

We're Feelin': Old School?

An old roommate and I used to have an amazing collection of nail polishes. Perhaps close to 200 shades. A portion of them lined up very pretty, filling the medicine cabinet (who actually needs medicine?), while others stay nestled in baskets and arrayed tastefully in drawers and closets...seriously, it must have been way over 200. It was every shade and every manufacturer imaginable. Still, I can distinctly remember certain phases and looks.

My all time favorite is still a dark red pedicure (circa 1990's Vamp or Essie or Revlon Vixen)and an American manicure, but I've experienced it all. OPI is always an easy grab, you can find them everywhere.

So what am I feelin' lately? I've snagged 5 OPI bottles since October, which is hardly a record, but I find I keep coming back to these. Two bottles of Hollywood Blonde (I cannot get enough of this beautiful pink & gold color), My Big Break (which is a throwback on an old pinky/magenta shade called Orchid I used to wear, but looks deeper and richer - I haven't yet used it), then two blues: Who Are You Wearing? and Light My Sapphire.

I'm not sure if the blues are just catching up with me because it finally feels like winter (it was a long and lovely fall here), but I've scheduled my mani/pedi and want to go all out. Who are you Wearing? looks purple in the bottle, but has blue notes on. It almost looks too...silly, save for the fact it is deep. Light My Sapphire on the other hand alternates between navy-ish blue with a pearl grey hue. I love the serious/industrial feel. And for a dark polish, it is much more attractive than straight black (which I could never get into).

Let's see if I actually jump ship into this sea of blue. Having hoarded them for the last 3 months though, they are feelin' a bit old school.

Do you do blue?

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Introducing Solessence Solace Systems

Though technically it is the dead of winter, you may be off on mental jaunts to a sunny island somewhere. Or perhaps you really are getting ready to explore your inner Baywatch babe in Mexico, Mauritius or the Seychelles. Problem is:

1) ‘Water retention’ is the only moisturizing treatment you’ve had in ages.
2) In the interest of self preservation, you’ve been holed up in thick layers for months, and can only describe your current skin tone as ‘Dawn of the Dead’
3) No rest for the weary: Your normal routines aren’t providing any room for a needed break to even prepare for a vaca!

This is where a spa comes in handy. A good treatment can shake you out of your moody blues, jump start the detoxification process, and give your skin the much needed attention it deserves to stay soft, supple and in good health. You can (and should!) follow a great do-it-yourself maintenance plan with our at-home scrubs and facials. But in this do-it-yourself world, it is beneficial to hand yourself over to trained hands now and again and release yourself from the worries of the world. Just relax and let go…

To aid in this effort, we are pleased to announce the Solessence Solace System ™, where a comforting world revolves around you. Highlighted here, a series of hand/feet and cocoon wraps enable you to emerge refresh and renewed with each use. Each treatment is comprised of a main component, and corresponding capsules to heighten and customize the experience.

Each treatment consists of 8 luxurious steps, and include the Solessence signature Brush Off ™, Warm Up™, Rub Down ™, Down Time ™, Dry Down ™, Cool Down ™, Finishing Mist ™.

Treatments are formulated for water and waterless spas. We are pleased to expand this collection of natural, organic and vegan treatments for the wholesale spa market. Inquire at your favorite spa or, if you are a spa owner, please contact us directly at or 888.835.9888

Solessence Signature Treatments are natural, organic and vegan formulations designed to bring mental and physical solace, while adding a turbo-boost to your overall beauty routine. These gentle yet effective formulations excel whether moisturizing, detoxifying and/or re-mineralizing, and provide the highest level of pampering by your spa esthetician/technician.

Mexican Hot Chocolate Decadence
Rich, pampering, rewarding - and uniquely ours. Add a little kick-start with our custom blend of organic Coconut Creme, Chocolate and Vanilla Absolute, with a shot of cinnamon* for a self heating, decadently relaxing, circulation-stimulating wrap. Organic cocoa and shea butters deeply penetrate, leaving your skin in a silky state of softness. *optional. Those desiring to leave out the cinnamon may opt for the equally delicious Hot Chocolate Wrap

Making Waves Herbal
Create quite a stir with this mineral-rich, seaweed infused treatment. Take in the clean, herbal scent of lemongrass and clary sage , while you are smoothed down in aesthetic swirls of exfoliation. Emerge from this sea of a sanctuary refreshed and vibrant, as the appearance of dull, lifeless skin is effortlessly washed away.

Asian Persuasion Detox
It’s no mystery how you can quickly be persuaded by this blend. Jaw-dropping neroli, pressed from the blossoms of the bitter orange, is combined with patchouli, sandalwood and citrus to create a heady, rich, uplifting blend that will convince you all is right with the world. Mineral-rich Rhassoul detoxify and remineralize with silica, magnesium, potassium, calcium and additional trace minerals.

Yuzu Gold Glow - (including 24K treatments)
The Japanese revere the small Yuzu citrus for the balance it is believed to bring to one’s system. Fresh, at times tart, but always uplifting. Add a 24K Gold facial or body treatment, believed to aid collagen (that which keeps us youthful in appearance) to get the ultimate glow.

Girl With The Pearl Complexion
We don’t bother our oyster friends for this solution. Instead, a pearlescent Vitamin C resurfacing treatment is used to slough dead skin cells, even tone, and gently brighten. Enhance the experience with a Pearl facial to restore your luster from head-to-toe.

Please enquire about additional treatments, such as Raspberry Blues, Days of Wine & Roses, and more.

Friday, January 04, 2008

Favorite Things 2007

For the second year in a row, Solessence products have been listed in the 'Favorite Things' among beauty bloggers. This very fun rundown showcases products beauty junkies don't want to be without. A huge thank you for the inclusion!
A quick note, these items are on a special promotion right now at Beauty Brands stores. Check out the site to find a location near you. writes:
Solessence Yuzu Gold Shea Butter This is AMAZING! I love the digging into a tub of margarine. The scent is FANTASTIC and the moisture level it gives your skin is insane.

Solessence Creamed Sugar & Coconut Milk Scrub
was also listed in the top 10 at A Girl's Gotta Spa!

Every year, the magic continues to build as we find amazing and wonderful people coming into our lives. People Magazine, TV Guide, the interest from beauty bloggers...and of course, our wonderful customers. A very big thank you for having first discovered, and now loving our products. We promise to continue working hard to bring you your coveted items.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Hello, Beautiful

Today begins a whole new you. 12 more precious months at your beck and call, upon which to lavish your every whim (or whine).

Gotta love it!

We have been slowed down a bit by the monster that is called Vista (perfection, thy name was XP), but we can't be stopped. It seems everywhere you turn, a pollyanna-ish optimism is felt for 2008, and we are more than happy to join ranks and cheer. It seems odd to recount 2007 on this side of the date marker, but for those of you along on our ride, it was sometimes wild, but always welcome. We can't thank enough those who found us for the first time last year, and those who are faithfuls from years prior. We appreciate you all.

We are looking forward to showering you with many treats this year, in terms of product as well as production! Can't say more at this time, but we promise it will be amazing for the body as well as mind & soul. Our goal anyway, and many hands are working hard to organize at this time. When the time is right, you'll be the first to know.

Have a good NYE story? Do share.

We're feelin': OPI Nail Lacquer in Hollywood Blonde
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