Friday, June 30, 2006

You Glow Girl

We wondered what originated the flurry of orders for Yuzu Gold scrub - then we found out Young, Black and Fabulous has spoken. We blush!

A YBF must have is that Yuzo Gold body scrub. I'm honestly in love with it. I have never tried anything in the shower where if I didn't put lotion on after the shower--you wouldn't even notice. It smells incredible and feels heavenly. I'm not lying peoples. Since I believe exfoliation is the most important beauty routine next to cleansing, this is that summer must have. Check it out here.

Learn Something New Everyday...

From Urban Dictionary:

dime (dm)n.

A very good looking female as in a perfect ten.
Damn, did you see that girl? She's such a dime!

From Young, Black and Fabulous Review:

...(Solessence's) body butter...makes you look like a bronze dime when you put it
on your feet, elbows, knees, and hands.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

We love you Pacific NorthWest! beautyfirst adds Solessence to two more locations...

Solessence first shipped the full range of products to two beautyfirst locations in May, with one location selling out in two weeks time. We are excited to announce that beauty first has added the full range of Solessence products & scents to two more locations:
  • Beauty First: Professional Products & Salon(503) 646-506011765 SW Beaverton Hillsdale Beaverton, OR 97005~ Products in store in/around July 14, 2006. Beaverton has a reputation as being 'the stop' for beauty addicts, and we are excited to be there.

  • Lloyd Center Mall - Portland, Orgeon ~ Grand Opening August 1st, 2006

Lloyd Center Mall is the largest mall and business center in Oregon, offering over 125 stores in a recently remodeled and expanded facility. The mall is part of a larger complex including office buildings and is very close to downtown Portland.

We know the new site is spiffy, but I love seeing retro. Here is a photo of the old Lloyd Center. Get nostalgic and look up your old haunts...but be sure to check out the new beautyfirst at the updated Lloyd Center in August!

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

It's a Beautiful Thing...Natural Perfumes

Growing up in the Aaron Spelling heydays of the 80's (a respectful 'gotta love him' btw), everything was big. Big Hair, Big Makeup, Big Scents. Oh...remember the scents? Over-The-Top, fill-the-room from miles away types...

At the time they seemed like a good idea. When I started to realize there were mysterious ingredients in the mix, and most of the population reacted in a sneeze fit or immediate migrane, it was like - eh, not so much. So what's a girl to do?

Solessence's Atmosphere Aromatic Dry Spray is one answer.

Multi-Purpose Spray:

  • This super clean spray is a fast evaporating silica derivitive which serves to deposit the scent onto your skin. It provides a pleasant, silky-to-the-touch feel. It is a lovely touch to your wrists, midriff or hair.

But that isn't all!

  • Atmosphere is non-staining, so you can use it on your linens and clothing to impart the Solessence signature scent of your choice. "I use the spray in my room for my sheets actually! I spray it just above my bed and the scent really hangs for a good amount of time "
  • Spritz into the air to refresh your environment in a clean and lovely way. It truly is a multi-use item.

Solid Perfume Option: Solessence's SheaShea*XieXie Hand & Body Butter This combination of pure, unrefined/organic shea butter & oil serves to lock in moisture in a heavy duty way. The jars are small to keep stock fresh - each can last 6 months. A lovely scent is a benefit. Most of our customers also use this on their face to keep a beautiful glow. Apply a small amount as desires.

"I've gotten so many compliments on how soft and glistening my skin is when I use the scrub and the body butter. Both are great"

Soon-to-be-revealed: A lovely, natural oils and silica mix.

I love using these combinations and feel wonderful that I don't have any qualms about my son being near them. I can go a whole routine with one signature scent, or mix and match. It is a pleasure to have people fawning over an aroma instead of sneezing.

Stay tuned! Stay clean!

Friday, June 23, 2006

Coming Soon: Whole Foods Market/Whole Body in Chelsea

The wait is over!

Whole Foods Chelsea tells us you have been asking for more Solessence. Good news - product will be on the shelves around the week of July 4th. Whole Foods is quite selective about the product they carry, and shelf space is at a premium. Please reward your patience and Whole Food's savvy for listening to the public by picking up whatever your heart desires.

If you haven't been to the Chelsea location, amaze yourself! While Whole Foods Columbus Circle has a 'store within a store', this Whole Body is actually next door to the market. A million lovely items to be found...including our scrubs and soaps. We thank you.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Michael Jordan Flight Camp celebrates 10th Anniversary with Solessence Shave Solutions

Solessence Morning After Shave Solution Sets purchased for the
10th Anniversary of the Michael Jordan Flight School

This year's session will be held at the Mirage Hotel and Casino Las Vegas, August 19-22, 2006.
Hall of Fame coaches, along with Michael Jordan, will be sharing their knowledge, love and passion for the game of basketball with the common man. They will also be sharing 170 gift sets of Solessence's Morning After Shave Solutions, a beautiful, leather bound case containing organic herbal concoctions for a seriously smooth shave. Shave Oils, Shave Lotion, Hydrosol Toner, Weekly Detox Mud Mask, a Mach3 travel razor and Egyptian Cotton steam cloth are all included, scented in the very popular Yuzu Gold (japanese citrus). This silver accented, glass bottled set is a pleasure to look at, and comes with a Solessence travel bag.

Those vying for remaining spots at the School need to apply directly at Those wanting to experience the same fabulous shave may purchase online at or find the set at select retailers nationwide.

*50 Most Beautiful - Extreme Makeover: Home Edition Ed Sanders

Extreme Makeover doll, Ed Sanders, shares the Creme de la Coconut scrub with his wife. Such a cute couple. I don't know what she's using, but her hair is to die for.

Monday, June 19, 2006

70,000 jars a month?!?!?!

I have always believed in the whole package. Meaning, it isn't enough just to scrub, for example. Sure, a quick fix is tossing together a couple of spoons of table salt with oil, but is that really an 'experience'? How is it benefitting overall? What is the sensory pleasure that we long for when in the shower or bath, and how can that continue once we have patted ourselves dry and start going about the day?

Being a California girl, I wasn't privvy to the serious bouts of dry skin and cracked heels that friends who had moved to other areas were experiencing. But I could feel their pain, as they would call and lament their woes. Nearly. Daily. Well, as much as to alleviate their growing angst (and mine), I started working on a heavy duty product that would gently exfoliate (remove the dead skin cells we all collect) while sealing in moisture which keeps skin soft and supple. Texture is always a big issue with me. What would be the ultimate experience?

My inspiration came from grandmother, who passed when I was 7. She was a baker with an impact in her area and had a recurring celebrity customer request her delicacies for his birthday. I remember the few short years I had with her, and she was always whipping up delicious items; my sister and I were always wanting to lick the beaters. Well, where this leads to is cake frosting. What is yummier? It has a lovely consistency, it goes on smooth, it smells great.

So, long ago and far away, I did just that. I developed an emulsified scrub - before they were seen on the market - that goes on similar to frosting. Packed full of unrefined/organic shea butter & oil, (which is also used in fine chocolates) and organic, nourishing coconut milk, it leaves your skin silky, and rinses off cleanly without an oily residue. Friends could not get enough of it. Other formulators actually, repeatedly, asked for my formula. There are no fillers. It also contains a natural, food grade preservative. You could practically eat it. I like to think of Solessence aspiring to be the Breyers of beauty!

In 2004, the Vice-President of a very famous, instantly recognizable English bath/body brand had tried the scrub. He loved it. He asked if I would be willing to make 70,000 jars a month for them for private label. Heavens! That would be fabulous. But no. This item is exclusively Solessence.

So, summer is here. If you are in need of getting your skin in a beautiful glow for bikini season, we've got the ticket. We have four of our best selling fragrances in our new, beautiful packaging (inner & outer), with more to come. Solessence's SheaShea Intense Scrub is the most delicious treat you will ever experience in your shower. And you don't need to lick any beaters!

Friday, June 16, 2006

Gio's Bling

I'd mentioned earlier that Gio Williams had the sweetest bling on in the form of a guitar necklace, but it was blocked in our faux 'gangsta' pose. People sent over these snaps where you can spot it! Cue close up...

More Michelle Rodriguez

Friday, June 09, 2006

*50 Most Beautiful: Amaury Nolasco

Prison never looked so good. Amaury Nolasco (Fernando Sucre, "Prison Break") is one you spot from across the room.

Amaury left with two Creme de la Coconut and a Days of Wine & Roses.

You don't see many photos with him baring teeth. This one came from IMDB, and I love it:


Everyone gets a little.

Tommy Says: Rescue Me

Pixie-ish Callie Thorne of FX's "Rescue Me" dropped by to pick up a set of Creme de la Coconut. Isn't she cute?

I couldn't help she keeping this for herself, or sharing? I'm thinking her character Sheila could help Tommy ease some of that tension with a nice pampering session. Hey, firefighters get sore muscle, and their girlfriends too! He's practically screaming out a need for a nice long soak in the bubbly.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

When Selling Out Is A Good Thing...

Laura, who was busy doing demos with our roving lotion fountain, reported back on her latest journey. The complete line of our four signature scents debuted at the new beauty first (Vancouver, Washington), right after we returned from People en Espanol, and have virtually sold out in two weeks time. We are busy shipping out reorders, and thank the good people of beauty first and the PNW for their deep interest in cleansing, exfoliating and moisturizing with us! We hope to pamper you for a long time to come.

beauty first is very sephora-like, but often include an added bonus of salon and spa services. Ohhh, that's a good thing. Check them out!

106 & Park: Julissa Bermudez

This photo does not begin to do justice for the beautiful interim co-host on BETs "106 and Park". Does BET know when they've got a good thing? If they don't snatch her up, you can be sure there is a line waiting...

Julissa selected:

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

*50 Most Beautiful: Denise Quinones (with Denise Vasi)

Is it the water? The heritage? The name? Every Denise I have known has been attractive, and Puerto Rico is notorious for the genetically beautiful. Along comes Denise Quinones, former Miss Universe and current actress, only reinforcing those theories. The statuesque bombshell was unwaivering with her gorgeous smile, even as Telemundo and other press/radio came rushing towards her when they heard she was in the building. What grace. She even gave a shout out to Solessence on air - thanks! We hear Ms. Quinones just signed on to a record breaking contract with CBS. She's got a long career ahead of her.

Pictured alongside is model Denise Vasi, who is quite captivating on her own. Shouldn't she be making a list soon?

UPDATE: Vote for the 2009 Miss Universe crown design now!

*50 Most Beautiful: Gio Williams

Bronx boy Gio Williams sang his way into the heart of the public by winning Telemundo's "Nuevas Voces de America", and he was Los Mas Bellos and more. Too bad you can't see the bling guitar necklace (hidden by the bag), it was sweet! So is Gio, and very hot in person. Gio asked us to pose 'gangsta' with him, but sadly, we just look suburban.

Check him out at his personal site

Gio liked the citrus scent of Yuzu Gold.

Publisher Jacqueline Hernandez-Fallous & Nely Galan

It's interesting how the scents are divided almost regionally. At this event, the Coconut and Really Lovely (high altitude lavender) were flying off the shelves. Nely Galan (The Swan) and People en Espanol Publisher Jacqueline Hernandez-Fallous both gravitated toward the coconut. That Nely sure knows how to work it!

Sunday, June 04, 2006

*50 Most Beautiful: Shalim

Shalim - We can almost see him mouthing the words, "I'm too sexy for this soap..." We can't even remember what scent he left with!

Ayyyyy...It's Wedding Bells for Luis Fonsi *50 Most Beautiful

Puerto Rican hearthrob
Luis Fonsi is completely affable, totally photogenic (as you can see here), and beautiful inside and out. We send him many wishes for happiness in his marriage to Adamari Lopez. Two years engaged, and he stood by her through thick and thin- which included her bout with breast cancer. What a man! What a couple!

They wed yesterday.

Luis Fonsi and his bride are enjoying:

He said it reminded him of his homeland.

Just as beautiful...

Paige Hemmis and Daniel Kucan came out to support their fellow cast mates Eduardo Xol and Ed Sanders (Extreme Home scoring two Mas Bellos - what a coup!).

*50 Most Beautiful - Michelle Rodriguez

Michelle, Michelle...she had a few moments of indecisiveness, but who wouldn't be overwhelmed with such lovely choices?

Prompted by a fondness for our trademark lotion fountain ("ooh, it's so erotic!"- hey, sex sells) Michelle opted for the Days of Wine & Roses set.

This controversial tough cookie can go from leather bound vixen to pretty in pink in a flash, earning her Los Mas Bellos title.

Is there no official Michelle Rodriguez website? I find this hard to believe!

Say hello to my little friend...

Joe Pantoliano of The Sopranos is a wise guy on and off screen. This multi-tasker is a hub of energy, running every which way mugging for the cameras. He's great! He's working on producing a couple of shows at the moment and stocked up on Really Lovely to keep him going during the down times...Joey, you might want to wash that soap block down with matching dry sprays or lotion.

*50 Most Beautiful - Eduardo Xol

Where are the men, you ask? Coming right up! We start off with Mr. Xol (who must be 6'6) - can you say 'Gorgeous'? Music, theater, design - this multifaceted man is genetic perfection. He has a sensitive side too! The new season of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition begins filming in July, and we are just counting down the days.

Eduardo selected:

  • Really Lovely
  • Yuzu Gold

*50 Most Beautiful - Zoe Saldana

This fabulous 'It' Girl is so charming and approachable.
Zoe Saldana is now the face for Rocawear, and we zoomed over by cab to 44th where you can see her towering personage making Jay-Z proud. I told Zoe my son had a RocaWear outfit at 3 months, but in looking through the files I can't believe he only has 3 (bad) photos in that outfit. Here is one.

Zoe, on the other hand, looked smack dab fabulous for the party. We need a photo of her in that white dress with her Grecian thing goin' on!

Zoe selected:
Really Lovely (high altitude French Lavender)

Table for Four...

Four scents, that is. We took along Yuzu Gold (japanese citrus), Really Lovely (high altitude lavender), Creme de la Coconut, and Days of Wine & Roses (berry/floral). Our signature lotion fountain was a hit!

Creme de la Carmen Electra

Ohhhhh, the lovely Carmen Electra is as stunning in person as on screen. Carmen picked up

She waivered, considering Days of Wine & Roses, but maybe she felt selfish taking so many. Honestly Carmen, you could have had them all!

Carmen is currently gigging as the new face for Max Factor - a great, innocent/edgy choice we think. She's also got books, videos, clothing and perfume all rumored in the line up. Bizzy!


People Magazine's Event staff shop at
Whole Foods Market Columbus Circle (NYC) and have been enjoying our products. So much so that we were invited to celebrate People en Espanol's 50 Most Beautiful (Los Mas Bellos) by handing out our luscious organic coconut milk & unrefined shea butter hand cut soaps, scrubs and lotions to winners and industry VIP. When we got the call ("I love your soap...Really Lovely is in my shower right now!") we nearly fainted. Should we go? Were we worthy? We can't believe we even questioned it. Went we did...and it was divine!

The two day event was held at the Tribeca Grand Hotel, with a blowout party at Skylight Studios the end of the second day.

Thanks to People for a spectacular time. Everyone else, read on for more photos!
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