Thursday, October 12, 2006

Amy's: Dressed in Pink

Voted 'Best Caramel Apples' by the Wall Street Journal, Amy's Candy Kitchen features the biggest, crunchiest, most beautifully dipped and dressed apples I've ever seen on any continent. And it is a local delicacy - right in Cedarburg, Wisconsin.

The first time I laid eyes on Amy's, I was touring the quaint little town which reminds me so much of my former place of residence in Healdsburg, California. The charming shops & homes, greenery, and river running through it just brings me back every time. Amy's fits in as one of the old time candy stores, with a gourmet twist. It delights every sense - but what really amazes are the apples. Big. Bold. Dipped.

I'd never been a huge caramel apple fan, as they tend to disappoint. If the wrong type apples are used, or they are beyond prime and you get a mushy mess, or the caramel is too thin - meh. It just isn't worth the trouble. But Amy's...oh! Just looking at them was satisfaction enough. What about the taste? Two thumbs up! Now, I only associate caramel apples with Amy's.

It doesn't stop at caramel. Amy's has apples dipped in chocolate, nuts, and has an assortment of other beautiful creations. This month they are featuring lovely beribboned 'Dressed in Pink' apples for Breast Cancer Awareness. In 3 different varieties - dark Belgian chocolate, pink sprinkles or M&Ms. One is surely to delight the senses. And they ship!

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