Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Tonight's The Night! Our TV Debut on The Fashion Team

When we got the call that someone at TV Guide Network was a 'big fan' of our product and wanted to air items on The Fashion Team, we were TOTALLY BLOWN AWAY. In fact, even with the many emails and a phone conference or two, it was hard not to doubt this was actually happening - until we received the adorable Fashion Team/TV Guide keychains that many, many of you now have in your posession.

Well, July 10th is here, and tonight is the night. 8PM central time, 9pm standard on TV Guide.

If you haven't seen The Fashion Team before, it is a casual and fun look into fashion and beauty. David Evangelista is a 5 time Emmy nominated celebrity stylist who has a segment at least once a month on The Early Show, as well as contributes to Life & Style magazine (among many other activities). I love his hair segments - he gives common sense advice and just makes it look so easy. Comedienne Daphne Brogdon co-hosts and is a new mom to boot. Each week there is a special guest/expert added to put in their take on the world of fashion & beauty. Tonight's guest is Mary Alice Haney, stylist for Extreme Makeover.

Note: This isn't your father's TV Guide - it's better

DISH & DIRECT TV viewers: feed for TV Guide Network will be full screen w/entertainment news ticker across the bottom of the screen
CABLE TV viewers: The show will air on the top 2/3rds of the screen with channel listings on the bottom 1/3. By 2009 all programming will changeover to full screen. Yes, you have the right station!

TV Guide Network continues to bring original and engaging programming to viewers - The Fashion Team is only one of many cool shows to watch. If you can't catch it tonight, we will have the full screen version on our site after the episode airs. No, we can't peek ahead of time - we'll be watching too.

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