Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Light, Camera, Action - Jackson can give a New Leash On Life...with your help!


Today is the day for causes! Just as I was plinking out a post on our serum defense and the Thembalethu Childrens Home/HummingbirdProject.org a portion of the donations go to, I received a very urgent message:

New Leash On Life has a chance to be the recipient of $50,000!

Sue Chipperton, friend and supporter of NLOL, is a finalist in a photo competition
and selected New Leash to be with recipient of the winning proceeds.

We need your help and your votes.

Go to www.firedog.com/kodak, click on View Finalists To Vote. Then find the photo
titled "Jackson" taken by Sue Chipperton and vote.

Each vote counts for an additional $1.00 on top of the $50,000.

The photo with the most votes wins. Please vote and pass this along to your as many
people as possible.

The polls close on January 26th.

Thank you in advance for your support.

Stephanie Hoefener

Director of Operations

New Leash On Life Animal Rescue



If you aren't familiar with New Leash On Life, I have heard nothing but good things about the organization for a while now. Solessence previously donated for their annual walks. Any organization out to save a life is a worthy cause, but NLOL goes the extra mile to rehabilitate animals who otherwise would have a difficult time going back into society, possibly avoiding a situation of being euthanized. A great cause, and, a great photo! Find firedog and vote for Jackson - a few seconds of your time could help out thousands.

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