Sunday, January 20, 2008

Go Pack Go

Two weeks ago, as my husband and I sat at the Milwaukee Public Market watching the football game with their 7 suspended flat screen tvs floating over the upstairs garden area, we brought up today's match. "Would you go if you had a ticket?" I asked. We ended up both agreeing that there was no way given the temps being predicted.

Today at 11am he gets a call from his brother, asking if he wants to go to the game. He turned him down! Sure, I remember what was said, but the sun is shining, Pack is playing NY, Fleet Farm is giving away 30,000 hand warmers, and -19 below is feeling more like 20 degrees. "Yeah, but it won't at 6pm". Sigh. He is right, but sometimes I feel too practical.

I'm not a huge sport fan, but this game, especially with the frigid cold, will hopefully prove to be exciting. I have never seen a state so in love with their sport teams, and I practically grew up at Candlestick, ahem, Monster Park.

Give a shout out if you would bear the cold to see the game in person!

Update: Good thing my husband didn't go. To brave 24 below and a 5 hour round trip doesn't suck ONLY if your team wins. The Pack's loss to NY would be crushing, save for the fact it was a MAGNIFICENT game. Although I would prefer green & gold against the Patriots, I have to give props and well wishes to the Giants. But Favre was robbed :)

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