Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Hello, Beautiful

Today begins a whole new you. 12 more precious months at your beck and call, upon which to lavish your every whim (or whine).

Gotta love it!

We have been slowed down a bit by the monster that is called Vista (perfection, thy name was XP), but we can't be stopped. It seems everywhere you turn, a pollyanna-ish optimism is felt for 2008, and we are more than happy to join ranks and cheer. It seems odd to recount 2007 on this side of the date marker, but for those of you along on our ride, it was sometimes wild, but always welcome. We can't thank enough those who found us for the first time last year, and those who are faithfuls from years prior. We appreciate you all.

We are looking forward to showering you with many treats this year, in terms of product as well as production! Can't say more at this time, but we promise it will be amazing for the body as well as mind & soul. Our goal anyway, and many hands are working hard to organize at this time. When the time is right, you'll be the first to know.

Have a good NYE story? Do share.

We're feelin': OPI Nail Lacquer in Hollywood Blonde

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