Monday, February 04, 2008

I'd love to make my brown eyes blue...

I have been a bit bummed at the slow reporting on Fashion Week this season. I can't figure out what aligning of planets or supernatural experience is causing such a weak show this year (hey guys, no pressure!). However, bits and pieces have been coming in, and one in particular brought back some great memories. Annie at Blogdorf Goodman did a little writeup on Threeasfour. The clothes, photos from, are total knockouts. However, it was the blue mascara that got me swooning.

Blue mascara is my absolute favorite, and most fickle, and hard to find, item. It has been so many ages since I found a good, waterproof blue. I don't mean navy (which in it's own right is a tad scarce), but a beautiful, nearly electric blue. And it really does have to be in season so as not to frighten the unsuspecting. I feel renewed and refreshed to start my hunt again.

That, and my next dream would be for Max Factor to revive the blue-with-silver-flecks, thick eyeliner pencil that once ruled in the late 80's or early 90's. Anyone remember what I am talking about? Spacey, but gorgeous. A girl can dream.

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