Tuesday, February 12, 2008

MAC: Fafinugen

Fahrvergnugen = the pleasure of driving German

Fafinugen = the pleasure of French face painting

So I cruised by MAC tonight, braving yet another blizzard and 7* weather, to pick up another piece or two from the N collection when I realize I can't find it anywhere on the counter. I asked someone who was working the counter where it was and was told they had to make room for the new collection, so it was...and they all hunted around until they turned up a poor, little beaker with some sad used samples left. I really only wanted the lipstick, and all they had was N2.

Me: "Ok then, let's look at the new collection" I said, eyeing the whimsical display they were hard at work assembling. The French graffitti artist Fafi's art graces the boxes, and a set of 3 makes a complete picture.

Her: "Oh, it doesn't really launch until tomorrow...we don't usually put the display out until the actual day, but we needed to get a headstart because this one takes a little more work. Come back tomorrow!"

Me, contemplating yet another drive in crappy blizzard: "Ok, what if you show me the colors to see if I should come back."

Her: "Just a minute" (runs and checks with supervisor) "Oh, sorry, we can't even show the colors..."

Me:"Ok...(suspiciously eyeing very cute pink color on her lips)..."Are you cheating and wearing the new color?" (clearly she was)

Her: "Oh! Yes, I am cheating, and, but, oh..."

And I got the full rundown of what was available.

I am highly recommending those Lipglasses!

However, sans camera, you'll have to wait until tomorrow to get your own glimpse, or check out MAC's website.

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