Monday, April 21, 2008

Auctions for a Cause

Ebay exploded in popularity with the incredible deals and treasure trove of finds. The bloom is back with several auctions listed by Shannon Nelson of A Girl's Gotta Spa!

Proceeds go to benefit Meadow Quinn who needs to attend a clinic to relearn how to eat. Her insurance company denied payment, even though treatment is all but assured after the four weeks. Read more on Shannon's blog.

The first of several auctions is for all of you MAC fans! Bid away and get a stash usually reserved for beauty editors and bloggers alike.

Total retail value of this auction is $502.

This auction is all brand new and unused items from the following MAC limited edition collections:

MAC Heatherette Limited Edition Collection:
Pink Heatherette case
Patent Leather Lashes
Pigment: Jardin Aires
Glitter Brilliants: Reflects Gold
Beauty Powder: Alpha Girl
Eyeshadowx3 Trio 2
Lipglass: Starlet Kiss, Bonus Beat
Satin Lipstick: Fleshpot
Amplified Creme Lipstick: Melrose Mood
Dual Edge Eye Pencil: Blackfunk/Pop Blue, Faborchild/Dashlily
Nail Lacquer: Lola Divine

MAC Fafi Limited Edition Collection:
Powder Blush: Fashion Frenzy
Irridescent Pressed Powder: Belightful
Eyeshadowx4: Fafi Eyes 1
Lipglass: Cultfave, Squeeze It
Lipstick: Utterly Frivolous
Zoomlash: Zoomblack

MAC Finery Limited Edition Collection:
3 Coral Lips

MAC Heirlooms Limited Edition Collection:
5 Basic Brushes
5 Eye Brushes
4 Face Brushes

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