Sunday, April 20, 2008

Earth Day is coming! Earth Day is coming!

Happy Spring. Finally.

Earth Day Blog pimp: We love Ecorazzi

Earth Day approaches on April 22, and though it is a long held tradition, this is the first year it seems that EVERYONE is abuzz about it. How great is it to care about your planet?

Personal ties go back to having bamboo furniture before bamboo was cool (ok, ok, doesn't count), Coastal Cleanup Days, the MASSIVE and impressive recycling programs out of CA (thanks to Jodi and Jim and Mary and MaryEvelyn for the lessens in composting - even out of the fridge - never forgotten) and of course Solessence was founded on the goodness of nature. We've been doing the work on our end with natural and certified organic, vegan formulations. Beautiful but minimal packaging. Recycleable plastics and glass. Making the most of what we have, and sharing with others. No company hybrids yet, but we're working on the wind power credits. We're not perfect, but we're making strides. It's as much about the journey, right?

Have you made steps to the greening of your world, personal or otherwise? Send us your impact via blog post or email by March 22, and we'll randomly select a winner for a SheaShea gift set. What a wonderful, wonderful world!

For those who can't wait, enter the words "green day" during checkout to receive 30% off your order over $20.

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