Friday, April 18, 2008

Feelin' the Love Friday (customer raves)

"OK - your gift box is beautiful! I love the whole vibe of it. The feel of it, the texture, and the absolute care it conveys in the overall presentation is truly beautiful! From the serums to the mask to the brush to the luxurious feel of the entire ensemble, I look forward to treating my skin to this wonderful product! I will also proudly display them because they're just too pretty to hide!"

"I'd like to know if I can order the items seperate from the set. I already have a set, and need to purchase another for a gift, but I am running out, especially the oils. Oh, those oils just make my skin feel wonderful..."

"I need to know if I can purchase the serum set items individually? I am quickly running out!"

Answer: Thank you! And yes! The set items can be purchased seperately!

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