Wednesday, June 04, 2008

3xs the charm

So the supposed snafu over SJP's NY dress for SATC was that it had been worn two times before by two other women. True, a fashionista would normally cringe at comparisons, but truth be told, all three wore the frock rather elegantly, and the press only seems to have heightened the experience with a fashion controversy. This brand always deliver, on or off screen.


flowersbyfarha said...

On them it works!

(Says she who still recalls the agonizing, embarrassment of being one of two girls wearing the same dress at a dance party in 8th grade. After that, I made my own clothes! And to this day, I specialize in making one-of-a-kind accessories so you'll never see "yourself" walking down the street towards you!)

Solessence said...

When you think about the shear numbers produced and bought in RTW, isn't it really a little amazing bumping into people wearing the same ensembles doesn't happen more often? A great story of how you segued into indie though!

Chelsea Rae said...

Its very true, all three of them looked absolutely gorgeous in the dress.

Though I knew I had seen the dress before, I didn't think it was scandalous for SJP to be wearing a dress that had been worn by others in magazines and on the red carpet, that was until all of this hullabaloo started. I can see SJP's side, because she did ask for a dress that hadn't been on the red carpet before, but I think someone from her team should have noticed that the dress was worn before. Isn't that their job?

p.s. Thanks for adding me on Twitter, I added you back!

Solessence said...

Chelsea Rae,

You are so right. Like fact checkers, but for fashion. I'm thinking a quick Google would have brought it to someone's attention. Maybe she was so in love with the dress she 'overlooked' that it had been worn before. Whatevs. We should all be so lucky to look this great at least once.

Thanks for the Twitter follow back!

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