Friday, July 18, 2008

Meet the Pets

I don't have a daughter, so I always refer to our girl dogs as my 'dogters'. Saatchi, a boxer at almost 9 years old, has been a little out of sorts lately. We go in for another round of tests, but it appears to be Cushings and/or a thyroid issue. She's doing great, although we've got late nights, but just wanted to share a little sweetness before the weekend. Please feel free to share your fur faces too.


Shannon said...

Whoa that is a lot of dogs sister! But that Hayden is a pumpkin!!!

kuuipo1207 said...

That's so funny! I refer to my dog as my dogter too! She's my pride and joy! :D

You have a beautiful son!

Solessence said...

Aw, thanks both about my son. He is my little treasure.

And kuuipo1207 - you are mom to a dogter too? I feel like we are soul mates, lol!

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