Thursday, October 16, 2008

Time for an intervention?

Way OT here, but on a walk today along the river/creek, we passed by the overflow, sewage, whatever this offshoot thing is.

Now, this probably happens every year, but it was the first year I noticed. My son and I peered over the edge to spy frogs we had seen in the past. The water level is very, very low, but was teeming with life. The waters rippled and splashed anytime we got close. Upon closer inspection, we could see groups of mouths breathing at the surface of the brackish water. Not a frog to be found, but lots of fish. All different kinds.

Live Calico types with whiskers (catfish?)

Less fortunates (two total)
These were actually a good 6" long or so. Hard to tell if the same as the dark grey ones in water

And then a group that is really hard to discern due to the dark waters. If you've got a bead on the types of fish these might be, would love to hear your guesses.

The river is a bit fast moving at the moment. Even the lone female mallard was having a hard time with the current. Would it do any good to scoop these guys up? Pray for rain? Leave them to fate? What say you to this?

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