Monday, January 12, 2009

Golden Globes - Biggest throwback

I love everything Drew Barrymore. She must have participated in #80sphotoday on Twitter, because that was the heyday for the 'do she was sporting. The ala Angie Dickenson was a little bit of a mismatch with her elegant gown, but she still gets props for being daring. Her dark red clutch and eye-popping ring complimented the ensemble.

Are those druzy earrings?

(photos via JustJared because sadly, I couldn't make it)


alicia said...

I absolutely adored her do! I thought she looked stunning.(at first I was feeling Marilyn...but you're right about the 'Drew Do' being a bit Angie Dickenson) Either way, she's a beauty-- love her profile.

Solessence said...

Oh you're right, didn't even think about MM. The other comparison is Gwen Stefani - she has sported a very controlled look of this style a few times in the past.

I think Drew does good things for fashion and beauty. No status quo.

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