Friday, January 30, 2009

Unsung Heroes: OPI Designer Series Nail Lacquer

Unsung Heroes is a place to discuss products that may miss out on glamorous promotions, but deliver on their promises.

OPI's Designer Series
is a tough one to photograph, and describe. So let's just cut to the chase:
If you desire a little oomph on your nails, you must experience this polish.

I know what you're thinking. This is some Gwen Stefani Ghetto Fabulous Flash that is never going to make it in the office. Depending on the color you select, this diamond dust formulation packs a sparkle that is subtle yet obvious.

Top points:
-Free of DBP, Toluene and Formaldehyde
-Absolutely smooth surface application (glitter often feels rough in cosmetics)
-Super chip resistant, wears beautifully

I honestly can't find the latest launch ('08) colors in real life, but the previous season had an incredible lineup of colors and you can find them, unfortunately, on the discontinued list. Top Secret has them at 30% off, with slightly less discounts floating around on the internet. At $12.50 for each bottle in the designer series, you'll want to find the discounts.

One of my absolute favorites is 'Design', which I would have named 'Taupalessence'. (i'm sure I've got Suzi shaking in her shoes). Seriously though, you can alter the intensity with number of layers, moving from a beautiful light beige to a deep taupe with a fantastic hologram of color (above photo looks like nails are NSFW, but I assure you they are).

This series easily lives up to the claims of "Flawless Beauty" and "unmatched glamour for nails". It is a line worthy of your time. OPI would be wise to promote this line to make it easier to find.

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