Sunday, April 19, 2009

Miss Universe Crown - You Vote the winner!

For an update to this article and to view the winning crown and contestant click here

And it's on! Last week, Wisconsin-based DiamondNexusLabs unveiled the Miss USA crown, the first of three crowns they are designing for the Miss Universe Organization.

Now they have revealed the Miss Universe crown - but there are three choices and you can help select the final design Miss Universe will wear when she is crowned August 23, 2009. In voting, you'll also be entered to win a trip for two to New York to meet Miss Universe, you'll get a $5000 shopping spree at Diamond Nexus Labs, and tickets for dinner and Broadway show.

These are the first eco-friendly crowns commissioned in the history of the Miss Universe Organization and they are a beautiful alternative to conflict diamonds.

Go to to view and place your vote

Trivia: Do you recognize the former Miss Universe that graced Solessence space? Click here to find out.

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