Friday, April 24, 2009

Susan Boyle - A Makeover Do Over?

Susan Boyle has received a much anticipated makeover, but not everyone is singing praises. Not that there isn't approval for the fresh cut & color that has removed the grays, artfully applied makeup, thinning of the eyebrows and Burberry scarf clad outfit. It's just that some wonder if Susan will lose her charm by gaining attractiveness.

Boyle shot to fame with her rendition of "I Dreamed A Dream" on the show Britain's Got Talent. The song heard round the world was only slightly louder than the disdain for her plain jane looks. Boyle spent years caring for her mother and putting other needs above her looks. Now, Amanda Holden, the knockout blond judge from the show, claims Boyle is in jeopardy of losing her appeal by becoming more attractive.

She needs to stay exactly as she is because that's the reason we love her. She just looks like anybody who could live on your street," (Holden in interview with Daily Mail)

Pardon me Ms. Holden, but people responded to Susan Boyle because of her voice and what is clearly a feisty personality. People responded to the underdog with an amazing talent, and to have her continue on this silly gong show without any improvement in looks - when we know there are hordes of makeup artists, stylists, wardrobe budgets, etc - would be the sham. People normally transform in these competitions as they go anyway. Why deny Susan the same pleasures? Because she's had to live her life without so far, does not mean she cannot succeed with what others get so easily or take for granted.

Frankly, people begin to look weathered when under stress or living a hard knock life. And in the long haul, the public wants as much beauty as can be mustered. Most people don't look as attractive if they don't keep up with a regimen of exercise and learned grooming. We'd dare Amanda Holden, who has admitted to botox use, to go without her stable of help for a few weeks, but we're sure she'd say her success depended on it. Let's not deny Susan Boyle the same tools.


Simon said...

Good points. I really think it is odd that so many people are even shocked by her being able to sing. What an odd society we live in where only "pretty" people have talents. Shame on us for that... now to go to the gym...

Candi said...

I say Susan Boyle should be able to do whatever she wants. If she wants a makeover she should be permitted to have one, if not...than they shouldn't push it. We love her for her voice! I didn't know she was a caregiver for her mother, that makes me like her even more!

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