Thursday, May 07, 2009

GokeyFest - Get Your T-Shirts Here: BrewCityBrand

Danny Gokey returns to Milwaukee tomorrow for American Idol 'Danny Gokey Day'. A reward for coming in as one of the top three finalists, Gokey will spend the day pressing the flesh with public and press for a montage that will air on AI in coming weeks.

Need a list of festivities? Click on the map. Gokey starts at 7am at Fox6 news stations on Green Bay and will be taking the stage at Summerfest grounds at 4:15pm. While Summerfest is the biggest music festival in the US, it flies under the radar for most people. Gokey is undoubtedly the best thing that has ever happened to their marketing department.

Locals Brew City Brand are also promoting the city and Gokey with a limited edition run of Milwaukee Idol shirts. Only 100 or so are printed, so order yours now.

What is all of the hubbub about Danny? Most women will tell you that while Adam is probably the Idol shoe-in, Danny expresses "passion" every time he sings, and draws them in. He also has quintessential Midwestern Milwaukee (good)looks, and the touching story of losing his wife has only helped to win people to his side and his cause. Does he have the combo that will enable him to take it all? Whatever the case, Milwaukee is ready to party tomorrow. Welcome home, Danny!

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