Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Expert Corner: "I'm Going to Age Gracefully"

When this reader sent in a request for advice on coloring his grays, I knew straight away I should call in the big guns. My thought is women love a silver fox, but his main goal is to "age gracefully".

Let's see what these top Hollywood style influencers say he should do:


Clinton Kelly (Macys Make Over America and What Not to Wear)

I wouldn't color it. If so, it's practically a lifetime commitment. Also, because it's short it will grow out overnight!

Syd Curry, Celebrity Hair Stylist

His hair looks about like mine.  I'd say
use a level 4 neutral based brown.
Leave on for about 20

Ion Brand at Sally Beauty is one suggestion

Abbey Theis, Nick Arrojo Studios (Oprah, Sebastian Professional Spokesperson)

The best advice is to get a process
called "flying colors" with a color level
that is his natural level but with an ashy
undertone. The flying colors would be
adding back his natural tone so he
doesn't have as much grey, and there
is less obvious line of demarcation
than doing a single process (meaning the re-growth will not be
as obvious). This will ulitmately blend the greys away. Using the
ashy tone will let the colored hair look natural, because warm tones
on men's hair is a big give away that they color their hair.

A special thank you to Clinton Kelly, Syd Curry and Abbey Theis


M@ said...

Ha! I'm liking Syd's advice. :) :)

M@ said...

I love it!

Solessence said...

Please make sure you send an updated photo with the end results!

matthew said...

That dude is Matthew Mientka, of Arlington, Va.

Bananza said...

Take it from me, once you start to color you cannot stop. It is a big commitment. Do nothing or do it at home. And yes let's see the "After" pics.

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