Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Tonight: Temptalia.com, Christine Mielke

Check back next week for the transcript of tonight's show.

Set Reminder for Tonight's Show

It's a busy week with the BlogHer conference starting. In honor of all things internet, we'll be featuring Christine Mielke, founder of Temptalia.com By day she's a law student, and one of the top makeup bloggers around. At a height of 200k unique visitors a month, Christine Mielke has crafted her blog Temptalia into one of the hottest makeup resources. Her signature closeups of eye and lip applications, along with reviews of different brands, are top notch instructionals for readers. Combine that with her willingness to engage her audience, and you often find a lively comment trail for her posts. Come for a half hour discussion to find out how this all started, some of her favorite makeup brands, how she recommends creating a buzz for blog brands.

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