Monday, July 06, 2009

Week 2: Brazilian Peel (4 week process)

Advanced Home Actives sent this new Brazilian Peel chemical peel kit to try, and so far I am loving it.

Exfoliation encourages collagen production, which is key to keeping the skin youthful. In general there are different levels of exfoliation:

  • $-$$ The at home scrubs and mild peels, (granular, clays) which are very safe topically and provide maintenance for skin surface.
  • $$-$$$ Stronger at-home peels that provide more of a surface peel but can burn if not done correctly. Skin remains red after treatment.
  • $$$ -$$$$$ Medical strength chemical peel, done on an outpatient basis at a dermatologist or esthetician's office. This peel can be done every 3-4 months and as the name states, the skin actually does peel, turning very red and sloughing off over a period of 1 - 2 weeks. Not a pretty sight during this phase, but the reward is smooth, glowing skin as soft as a baby's bottom.
Some camps of thinking, especially European skincare, are opposed to chemical peels. I personally think that if used minimally, a peel will dramatically improve the current condition.

The Brazilian Peel is five times stronger than the typical peel you can buy for home use. Stretched out over four weeks, you aren't left with the blistering residual as if you'd gone professional. You will actually still show up for work. It is also self-neutralizing, limiting any way you could burn yourself.

So how is it going so far?

Week 1: Slightly red the first day. By end of week, makeup coverage noticeably smoother, but I wasn't sure it was anything to write home about
Week 2: I've just done the second peel, and wow. My pores look much smaller. The surface clearly improved. I can't wait to see the results by end of week four.
I've been following up with Pevonia Sensitive Skin cream to make sure it is protected, and use an spf.

Photos: I hope to have photos for you next week as my camera is not working. Stay tuned.

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