Monday, August 10, 2009

Kim Kardashian won't lose any clout as a blond

When it was exclaimed, live at the Teen Choice Awards, that Kim Kardashian had appeared as a bona fide blond, it was clear it would hit the fan.

Kardashian tried out the flaxen locks with a wig earlier this year, much to public dismay and confusion. True, her signature is sultry brunette, but this girl is young and gorgeous. All of this talk about her brand, people who wouldn't let her color her hair if they were in charge - she is a human being, not (only) a meal ticket (for some)!

I personally love her better darker, but who wouldn't want to have this kind of versatility? She's human, and I bet she'll do more for going lighter than anyone since Marilyn Monroe. If you say she looks like everyone else - hello! I want to be everyone else! She hasn't lost any edge in the looks department.

My only beef? I wish she had timed this better to be blond for spring/summer, not fall/winter.

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Marce said...

I reckon Kim K looks hot no matter what. Oops, I made a rhyme! LOL But I agree, maybe it would've been best for her to take the plunge at the beginning of Summer. I feel like changing my hair colour to a lightish red (though it wouldn't appear on the national news, LOL), like Ashlee Simpson... to dye or not to dye...that is the question.

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