Tuesday, August 18, 2009

PSA: Has your site been shut down?

There have been a rash of blogs shutdown in the last week.

If your site was recently shut down, note that BlogLinker, a common link on many sites, was found to contain the Beagle worm. Even though your site is not hosting the malware, because the link to Bloglinker is on your site, you will be restricted access until it is removed/cleaned.

What to do?

1. Delete the link

2. Scan your site with one of many software choices available such as Avast, AVG, ZoneAlarm. There are free versions for all of these products if buying is a problem.

3. Once you confirm your site is clean, contact your host site to begin process of reinstating your blog.

Be patient (it may take 24 hours or more to fix the problem) and your site may have been infected further. Be persistent and clear with your information to support to help resolve the issue. Good luck!

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