Saturday, August 29, 2009

Unsung Heroes: Suave Professionals Color Care

Unsung Heroes is a place to discuss products that may miss out on glamorous promotions, but deliver on their promises.

Emmy nominated celebrity hair stylist Luke O'Connor, owner of LuKaRo Salon in Beverly Hills has gained a gathering for creating Debra Messing's look on "Will & Grace," and has styled Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Blake Lively, Becky Newton, Diane Keaton, Ashlee Simpson, Brooke Shields and Lucy Liu, among others. As spokesperson and consultant for Suave, he was live at BlogHer, doing what he does best. For the masses. I failed to get my hair done (yes, I was insane to miss the opportunity, and no, I don't recall them ever taking a break), but I spent a good amount of time talking with other Suave reps about the new Professional line.

The Suave Professionals line is slated to work as well as a competing salon line with less cost. I left with a generous full size bottle of shampoo and conditioner, and Sleek Cream (to help with frizz - there! I said it!). The comparative salon brand for Color Care is Biolage.

I tried the Sleek Cream the next day and loved the texture and ease of use.

However, it is the shampoo and conditioner that blew me away.

I really liked how the shampoo felt going on, and it definitely cleansed without stripping. As I applied the conditioner, it seemed not to work in as easily as Biolage would (I actually had some in the shower, and felt a little pang of regret not using 'the expensive stuff'). So what was the end result? I has some serious shine going on. As if I had just colored my hair. You know, that bright, healthy, vibrant glow? My locks also felt incredibly soft. Fortunately, it wasn't flat soft (I hate that) but I really could not stop touching my hair.

I don't hear a lot about this Professional Series, which looks like a revision of a line put out around 2007.

Two thumbs way up for the 2009 version. I don't know what performance and true color-treatment protection is like yet if used exclusively over a 30 day period, but it is well worth at least intermixing, if not going exclusive. At $3 a bottle, Suave has done a great job.

The line carries a number of products with corresponding salon matches for different hair types:

Humectant = NEXXUS Therappe
Color Care = Biolage
Damage Care = Redken Extreme
Vibrant Shine = Sebastian Laminates
Sleek = Matrix SleekLook
Volumizing =Matrix Amplify

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