Sunday, September 06, 2009

Natori: Eau De Parfum Spray - New

This is the second release of self named scent by famed lingerie designer Josie Natori, and is found at Saks Fifth Avenue and at the Natori website.

"A floral oriental chypre, this fragrance opens with an effervescent bouquet of fresh rose petals enriched by deep, dark plum notes. The heart is an exotic and alluring hybrid of Ylang Ylang, Purple Peony and Night Blooming Jasmine. Slipping languidly over pulse points, Black Patchouli, Amber and a hint of Satin Musk complete this mysterious and tantalizing fragrance."
In layman's terms I'll say this: This is definitely a 90's type of perfume lite. For me, at first it is a bit powdery, then as it warms, begins to develop a bit of a candy sweetness. If you liked Dior's original Poison, this is in the same camp, only lighter. Poison is one of the biggest selling perfumes of all time (myself as a customer included), so that's big fan base potential.

In addition, the kicker to making it a "must have" is the packaging. Face it beauty lovers, half of the joy is the product, and the rest is what encases it. Natori knocks it out of the park with a super stunning, deep purple bottle said to resemble the opening petals of the lotus flower. It fans out at the top, yet is narrow and smooth and comforting. It is pleasing to hold, like a worry stone. Toward the bottom, the bottle indents with little glass windows. I don't know what other purpose it provides, but it adds an interesting visual touch, and insight into how soon you will need to replace your bottle. Work. Of. Art.

The silk body creme jar also comes in very pleasing packaging, and I find perfumes often translate very well into cremes. This is worth picking up for the collector.

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