Monday, October 02, 2006

Give a little, Give a lot

Until recently, the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation had a mere week every October to raise funds and awareness for Cystic Fibrosis, and we have always offered our 65 Roses bath bomb for this event. This is a cause we dearly want to expose to a greater level, but a month just wasn't cutting it. CF now has every May to bring attention and efforts to fundraising. Giving up the week in October gained a whole month in May. We'll discuss this in the coming months...

One big reason for the move is that the National Breast Cancer Awareness movement has gained incredible momentum and has really become the fundraiser for October. It is fantastic to see what the Pink Ribbon campaign has done to provoke people to take part and give of their time and monies. If philanthropy or fundraising or the subject at hand really isn't on your heart, don't fret. It is impossible to be all to everyone and everything. But there are some pretty painless ways to help out indirectly, and some of the top beauty companies worldwide are providing that path to go down.

During the month of October, check out the slew of products where a portion of the purchase price is donated to the cause. Here at Solessence, we are offering our impossibly pretty-in-pink Days of Wine & Roses line.

But don't stop there - chances are there is a delicious lip gloss, hair product, limited edition lip gloss or fantastic fragrance you'd love to try that is also donating. Buy it and you do yourself and humanity a favor. Purchasing a product seems like so little, but collectively, it will mean a lot.

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