Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The cure for what ails you

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Are you besting the cold & sniffle season, or is the cold & sniffle season besting you? An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure! Here are some favorites to be proactive (or if it is too late, to nurse back to health):

Traditional Medicinals: The Season Herb Tea Sampler gives a great selection with Gypsy Cold Care, Organic Echinacea Plus, Throat Coat and Breathe Easy

Note: Echinacea should not be taken when you are in the middle of a cold as it will prolong it. It is used at the beginning to stop the illness from taking hold. Also, avoid using cow milk to blend with your tea at this time as cow milk increases mucous production

Airborne: Amazing preventative, especially when flying, great when you start to feel something coming on.

Manuka Honey: I buy a 25+ grade now available at Whole Foods, and raised my son on this with Rooibos tea. Manuka has wonderful properties for internal & external use, and a delicious, almost chewy texture. Sorry, this is not a vegan option!

Tea Tree steams: Nothing unplugs the nasal passages (and clears those pores) like a good steam. Run the humidifier!

Sleep, sleep, sleep: Your body needs zzzzzz to stay healthy. Make sure you are getting your beauty rest.

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