Monday, January 14, 2008

Powtered Milk - Stop the Madness!

Last week I was having a conversation with someone who has a niece who has started her period at age 10. We bantered about how the 'joys' of experiencing womanhood used to be reserved for 11 - 14 year olds (around the time you would start giggling and whispering about boys), but now is showing up in girls as young as eight. We talked about how regular milk is one suspect in advancing the years of children due to the high hormone content from feeding hormones and antibiotics to cattle.

Later that day I was having my mani/pedi done when the nail tech mentioned her 7-year-old niece was having her period. Seven years old! Now,this story emerges of a girl who started with cramps and body odor on a regular cycle starting at age 3. Although the article is a bit misleading, it appears she did not actually have menses until age 8. Still, this is madness.

The article only suggests stress, stepdad pheramones and 'calorie rich' diet to blame, but again, hormones in conventional milk have been suggested for years to be altering growth in humans. Organic can get expensive, no doubt, but erring on the side of caution is worthwhile for your health. A great organic cow milk is Horizon. Another option is soymilk. For diabetics, soy milk is processed differently and is considered a different carbohydrate, so is better for your diet. In Taiwan, soy is made into wonderful warm and cold morning drinks for breakfast. Here in the states, my favorite is Silk Soy. This is a company that does not use genetically modified soybeans, which is really important. The outcome of genetically modified foods, even if listed as organic, have still not been deteremined in humans but has been detrimental to growth and life for unexpected groups such as the monarch butterfly. Genetically modified foods were initially developed to be heartier, easier growing strains, but as scientists continue to play with our food, they are finding that mixing and mingling plant dna could cause severe and deadly reactions in humans. It already has in lab animals.

Organic milks - they do a body good!

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Anonymous said...

Trader Joe's organic milk is very nice and reasonably priced (for organic). Love their organic yogurt and butter too.

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