Thursday, January 10, 2008

Got Kids? Whole Foods Market can help

My son is just shy over 3 now, and from the time he could talk he has said he wanted to be two things:

1)a model/guitar (Guitarist, like Murray from the Wiggles, and I guess that is two or he imagines the occupations combined)


2)a chef

Now, I have some hilarious footage of his declarations for #1, but mom needs to learn to make this innocent shot a little more G rated (flyin' free that day, know what I mean?). And he did recently find that he ended up being a model, for a very good cause, which we'll highlight for a later time. So how to help fulfill my one and only with the chef dreams? Aside from helping in our kitchen, the answer came to me when I spotted the Whole Kids Club Cooking Class - for ages 3 and up.

Everyone reels in a bit of shock when I tell them about this opportunity. "Cooking classes...for 3 year olds?". The class was a mix of ages, but what I found surprising was how hands on and pro this class truly was. Held in the Lifestyle Center, a gleaming professional kitchen awaits little ones. Room for 10 is at the pub style working/eating table. Step stools are provided for children to add ingredients to their dish on the stove, adult assisted, of course. The night's lesson was 'Stone Soup', and combined a bit of storytelling and then soup making. The children cut up their own chicken, and I was impressed with the Sur La Tab cookware. This isn't an Easy Bake oven swap. Kids get to use the same tools the adults get. At the end of the class, children enjoy the creation (with a few going back for seconds).

One note: I was expecting children to be supervised by parents, but surprised to find they were by themselves with the teacher. One full wall of the center is all glass, so you can sneak a peak if you want to watch. However, be prepared to do your shopping or noshing for most of the hour at WFM's tasty hot bars, wine bar or gelato counter. WFM also offers free WiFi, so you can bring the laptop with you for some work or surfing.

Class prices vary. Join the Kids Club for $15, and you get discounted classes, a chef hat and apron for the little one, a coupon for a free 4 oz gelato, and free treats the kids can pick up in different departments every Wednesday.

At the end of the soup class, I had a very happy guy who promptly showed dad when he got home how to 'stir the pot' in a positive way. Upcoming events include veggies, kabobs, and a Dads & Lads Gross Out Day. They fill up fast. Check out the schedule - you may be tempted with the many varieties of adult education too.

Whole Foods Market
2305 N. Prospect Avenue
Milwaukee, WI 53211

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