Sunday, January 06, 2008

Introducing Solessence Solace Systems

Though technically it is the dead of winter, you may be off on mental jaunts to a sunny island somewhere. Or perhaps you really are getting ready to explore your inner Baywatch babe in Mexico, Mauritius or the Seychelles. Problem is:

1) ‘Water retention’ is the only moisturizing treatment you’ve had in ages.
2) In the interest of self preservation, you’ve been holed up in thick layers for months, and can only describe your current skin tone as ‘Dawn of the Dead’
3) No rest for the weary: Your normal routines aren’t providing any room for a needed break to even prepare for a vaca!

This is where a spa comes in handy. A good treatment can shake you out of your moody blues, jump start the detoxification process, and give your skin the much needed attention it deserves to stay soft, supple and in good health. You can (and should!) follow a great do-it-yourself maintenance plan with our at-home scrubs and facials. But in this do-it-yourself world, it is beneficial to hand yourself over to trained hands now and again and release yourself from the worries of the world. Just relax and let go…

To aid in this effort, we are pleased to announce the Solessence Solace System ™, where a comforting world revolves around you. Highlighted here, a series of hand/feet and cocoon wraps enable you to emerge refresh and renewed with each use. Each treatment is comprised of a main component, and corresponding capsules to heighten and customize the experience.

Each treatment consists of 8 luxurious steps, and include the Solessence signature Brush Off ™, Warm Up™, Rub Down ™, Down Time ™, Dry Down ™, Cool Down ™, Finishing Mist ™.

Treatments are formulated for water and waterless spas. We are pleased to expand this collection of natural, organic and vegan treatments for the wholesale spa market. Inquire at your favorite spa or, if you are a spa owner, please contact us directly at or 888.835.9888

Solessence Signature Treatments are natural, organic and vegan formulations designed to bring mental and physical solace, while adding a turbo-boost to your overall beauty routine. These gentle yet effective formulations excel whether moisturizing, detoxifying and/or re-mineralizing, and provide the highest level of pampering by your spa esthetician/technician.

Mexican Hot Chocolate Decadence
Rich, pampering, rewarding - and uniquely ours. Add a little kick-start with our custom blend of organic Coconut Creme, Chocolate and Vanilla Absolute, with a shot of cinnamon* for a self heating, decadently relaxing, circulation-stimulating wrap. Organic cocoa and shea butters deeply penetrate, leaving your skin in a silky state of softness. *optional. Those desiring to leave out the cinnamon may opt for the equally delicious Hot Chocolate Wrap

Making Waves Herbal
Create quite a stir with this mineral-rich, seaweed infused treatment. Take in the clean, herbal scent of lemongrass and clary sage , while you are smoothed down in aesthetic swirls of exfoliation. Emerge from this sea of a sanctuary refreshed and vibrant, as the appearance of dull, lifeless skin is effortlessly washed away.

Asian Persuasion Detox
It’s no mystery how you can quickly be persuaded by this blend. Jaw-dropping neroli, pressed from the blossoms of the bitter orange, is combined with patchouli, sandalwood and citrus to create a heady, rich, uplifting blend that will convince you all is right with the world. Mineral-rich Rhassoul detoxify and remineralize with silica, magnesium, potassium, calcium and additional trace minerals.

Yuzu Gold Glow - (including 24K treatments)
The Japanese revere the small Yuzu citrus for the balance it is believed to bring to one’s system. Fresh, at times tart, but always uplifting. Add a 24K Gold facial or body treatment, believed to aid collagen (that which keeps us youthful in appearance) to get the ultimate glow.

Girl With The Pearl Complexion
We don’t bother our oyster friends for this solution. Instead, a pearlescent Vitamin C resurfacing treatment is used to slough dead skin cells, even tone, and gently brighten. Enhance the experience with a Pearl facial to restore your luster from head-to-toe.

Please enquire about additional treatments, such as Raspberry Blues, Days of Wine & Roses, and more.

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