Monday, January 07, 2008

We're Feelin': Old School?

An old roommate and I used to have an amazing collection of nail polishes. Perhaps close to 200 shades. A portion of them lined up very pretty, filling the medicine cabinet (who actually needs medicine?), while others stay nestled in baskets and arrayed tastefully in drawers and closets...seriously, it must have been way over 200. It was every shade and every manufacturer imaginable. Still, I can distinctly remember certain phases and looks.

My all time favorite is still a dark red pedicure (circa 1990's Vamp or Essie or Revlon Vixen)and an American manicure, but I've experienced it all. OPI is always an easy grab, you can find them everywhere.

So what am I feelin' lately? I've snagged 5 OPI bottles since October, which is hardly a record, but I find I keep coming back to these. Two bottles of Hollywood Blonde (I cannot get enough of this beautiful pink & gold color), My Big Break (which is a throwback on an old pinky/magenta shade called Orchid I used to wear, but looks deeper and richer - I haven't yet used it), then two blues: Who Are You Wearing? and Light My Sapphire.

I'm not sure if the blues are just catching up with me because it finally feels like winter (it was a long and lovely fall here), but I've scheduled my mani/pedi and want to go all out. Who are you Wearing? looks purple in the bottle, but has blue notes on. It almost looks too...silly, save for the fact it is deep. Light My Sapphire on the other hand alternates between navy-ish blue with a pearl grey hue. I love the serious/industrial feel. And for a dark polish, it is much more attractive than straight black (which I could never get into).

Let's see if I actually jump ship into this sea of blue. Having hoarded them for the last 3 months though, they are feelin' a bit old school.

Do you do blue?

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