Friday, February 08, 2008

This is How You Do It: Girl Power by Nely Galan

That her team on The Celebrity Apprentice is failing to gain ground on the guys does not make Galan a sore loser. As the rules go, the CA winners would have money go to a group of choice. With a defeat seeming imminent, The producer of The Swan decided to take fate into her own hands and earn a few benjamins for her group of choice by using a backup to her teammates: mass girl power.

Galan had announced she would personally donate $25,000 to her chosen group, Count Me In/Make Mine A Million. This organization empowers entrepreneurs via money and mentors, building a community of winners. To add to her 25k, Galan and Make Mine A Million asked members to pledge $10 each to reach a goal of 250,000.

On the Today Show, it was announced that a total of ***Two-Hundred Thousand Dollars*** was raised! I hope she in no way considers this a shortfall. It is rare to see celebrity pull through for the groups or charities they claim to back, and Galan's honest and clever efforts showed Trump and the world that women CAN pull the right strategy out of the hat when needed. You're a beautiful example Ms. Galan!

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