Friday, May 15, 2009

Kerastase - Free Blowout & Treatment - May 20

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It is the line you see in the hands of all of the stars - the simple gray & white bag holding jewel colored jars of manna for hair.

In the early 2000s, it was impossible to find Kerastase in the US. I only discovered it after a month long work trip in central Europe. I dragged my sad head of hair into a salon when I drove into Warsaw, where the stylist told me she had a new product that would help. O.M.G. My hair experienced a revival beyond expectation. I bought as many bottles as I could take back and was crushed to find it had not yet been released in the US. I could have used a little help deciphering the instructions (written in Polish!) as well.

I still have some of the bottles. The red Solaire (spf for hair) line didn't have as much of an impact for me as the orange Nutritive, so it still contains some product.

Kerastase is now available, but still a tad scarce. The internet makes it a little easier to purchase. I highly recommend Chroma Riche andMasquintense if you have colored/dry hair issues.

I wish I had not just gotten my hair cut, because on May 20 a Kerastase salon, hopefully near you, will give a free treatment and blowout. Note:
1. There will be a coupon to print out at the site, along with a list of participating salons.
2. Please double check that you do or do not need to book another service to get this free service.
3. You need to bring the coupon with you to your appointment.

Do not miss this opportunity, especially if you have never been privy to the wonders of this line.

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