Thursday, May 14, 2009

Unsung Heroes Needs Your Help

Have you ever found a beauty product that delivered everything it promised, perhaps even went beyond, yet had a marketing plan that was sorely lacking?

The Unsung Heroes section on the Solessence blog is here to share these fabulous hidden gems! Comment here and tell me about your favorite products that get little fanfare. I'll test them out and, if worthy, we'll give them some grass roots exposure to share these beauty "secrets".

Update: It was suggested some may be hesitant to post, so feel free to email suggestions to solessencenews AT gmail DOT com instead.

One of my favorite finds has been this product. What is yours?

1 comment:

Michelle said...

I have two. Everyone has these around but... I love the old standby, Vaseline. It is the best foot moisturizer around. Put it on the footsies at night with little socks and your feet will be perfect. My second unsung hero: Q-tips. Can't live without 'em!

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