Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Vote & Support MACC Fund with Mortensen Photography

Mortensen Photography has supported the MACC Fund & childhood cancer research for nearly 15 years with their Cute Kids events. It is a time where a parent can get a beautiful photo of their child at a reduced sitting fee ($10 goes to MACC) and any portraits purchased also contribute to the fund.

There is also a third way to fund raise before the calendar comes out! You can vote in person or online for your favorite photos to grace the pages. Each vote is $1 and all proceeds benefit the MACC Fund.

We all know that donations are down for everyone this year, so if you have not given to a charity of choice, have a little spare change and want to have some fun, please click the site and vote as many times as you would like. Of course I am biased with #29, but I think any photo is worthy, and it is a worthy cause as well. Click through to what speaks to you! Voting is now through July 31, 2009. The portraits will also be up at Grasch's June 2-8.

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