Thursday, May 21, 2009

Review: Pevonia Botanica Enzyme Peeling Cream

Product Type: Exfoliate
Skin Types: All
Use: 1 - 2 times a week home treatment
Also available as spa treatment

Organic: No
Green Category: Yes

Pevonia's Enzymo-Sperides Peeling Cream (1.7 oz)

Reason for Use: Skin noticeably sluggish after long Wisconsin winter

Performance: Pevonia's Peeling Cream had instant results for my skin. The formulation boasts encapsulated enzymes that don't create a reaction until activated by the user. This meant a premixed, rich clay/titanium dioxide/starch texture that took very little product.

1) Cleanse, pat dry
2) Apply small pea size amount to face (spatula enclosed), smooth into skin keeping away from eyes
3) Let work for two minutes. Rinse well with cloth to remove all traces. Apply lotion.

This product is meant to remove dead cells in a very gentle way, and it does. I feel it works better than salicylic acid formulations I have tried (both spa and home). There are a number of ingredients that stimulate circulation. A shot of dimethicone leaves a soft, protected finish and lemon oil a pleasant scent.

Don't be fooled - All of these ingredients can cause irritation. For that I hesitate recommending it more than once a week. It really is a workhorse.

My only concern, as a site that focuses on natural, is the use of titanium dioxide. I suspect this is a micronized form which in leave on products has negative affects on health. However as a wash off, I am comfortable using it.

I sense I could miss this product from my skincare routine.

I recommend it.

Enzyme Peeling Cream uses a natural, paraben-free preservative.

RATING: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Pevonia Botanica is a well established prestige skincare line primarily sold in spas, and now through their new consumer site, .

My first experience with Pevonia was during vacation in the Caribbean. I've enjoyed seeing this brand grow and change over the years, including the refreshing repackaging using frosted glass and plastics. In my opinion, this was a much needed overhaul for the look. It feels very soothing and, ergonomic, if you will.

I was very happy to try Pevonia's line again because 1) it had previously been tough to repurchase product, and some time had passed, 2) the islands played a trick on my skin and I felt the Combination formula I was steered toward didn't really work once on the less humid homestead. Honest mistake.

I interviewed Janet Morgan from Pevonia earlier this month when we discussed the launch of the new site, SPATEEN and MEN'S LINE, and business in general. If you missed the interview, "Launches in the Luxury Market", you can catch it here.

This is the first in a series of reviews on select Pevonia products.

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