Monday, July 27, 2009

Lush Cosmetics, Macy*s and Blogalicious Pamper Party

What have we here? Gatekeeper to the Lush Blogalicious Party.

Lone sentry to Macy*s Watertower, Chicago.

It was lights out for a while, so we partied in the dark.

The drink of the night was the Kir Royale, aka BombaLushious

Free facials were provided (see woman at counter on right)

The massage guy was super cute, but I'd heard in advance he only 'specialized' in arm massages. That's like getting felt up by someone you don't like.
I did like him though, so that theory didn't hold up.

Foot treatments too!

Veronica Arreola, blogger at VivalaFeminista and upcoming speaker at Blogalicious '09 in Atlanta, GA enjoys a bath bomb.

There was a lot of party hopping on Friday, and the Lush event was one of the best. The downtime gave people a chance to really meet other people. The scents and services were relaxing. Everyone was very friendly.

The Macy*s Watertower location in Chicago was the first US location to allow a Lush buildout. And after three years, this was the first after hours event Lush had ever held. I impressed that they were creating the party atmosphere and providing reminders for travelers ("buy and we ship!"). Many thanks to all involved for a great time.

My favorite experience was the facial. Items selected were for sensitive skin as I am finishing up a face peel. This is what was used:

Cleanser - Ultrabland
Mask - Catastrophe Cosmetic (fresh blueberry) Not available online

Toner - Eau Roma Water

Moisturizer - Gorgeous

Lush products are vegetarian! If you haven't checked them out before, there are stand alone stores and store in Macy*s all across the nation. Or, you can use their website at

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