Monday, August 17, 2009

Reflecting on Dior Addict Ultra Gloss Reflect

I am a fiend for lip glosses, and Dior Ultra Gloss Reflect is one of the top brands out there that just do. it. for. me.

My current favorite is Lurex Plum, a taupe/plum filled with shimmer without being gritty. The brush allows for easy pull from the bottle, and superior accuracy in application. The color is so flattering.

Upon application, it is a very unique look, completely smoothing out the lips. I find this product doesn't migrate and lasts quite a long time for a simple gloss. It has low stick and extreme shine. For wear, I tend to wipe all gloss off before eating anyway, but it performs well when drinking from a straw. By the time it is ready for re-application, there still remains a soft shade and some sparkle.

I love applying this gloss.

Just a note, but I would try these out before you buy. While all of the colors were pretty, I could see how many of them would be too transparent once put on the lips. I think that is one reason Lurex Plum is so fab, because it seems to be a coat of shimmering latex. Very obvious.

Dior makes glossing divine with product and stunning packaging. Select cream or shimmer (I prefer the unique shine myself) at Sephora.

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Marce said...

Oh yeah, I know what you mean about the grittyness factor. Hate hate hate it! I'd love to see how the colour looks on, it's just such a strange colour to imagine! I haven't tried many Dior products...but I have swatched them, and the glosses are all super creamy, as with the lipsticks and shadows <3

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